Anti-Snoring Device


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Anti-Snoring Device

Meet the most effective solution to stop snoring!

Stopping snoring requires you to physically open the airways and improve breathing. With this plug-in device, you can reduce snoring today by simply placing it in the nasal cavity. Once the airway dilates, the airflow through the pharyngeal cavity and soft palate is composed of vibrations and edema from the uvula, reducing or eliminating snoring.


✅ Our Anti-Snoring Device has been scientifically designed to maximize airflow through the nasal passage and cease snoring immediately. This snoring solution effectively relieves nasal accumulation and optimizes airflow in the nasal passages to get more oxygen for a comfortable sleep. Our device can also help reduce coughing and symptoms of asthma and dry mouth at night too.

✅ Made from BPA-free, tasteless, odorless medical-grade silicone that’s safe to use

✅ Simply insert the device’s vent into the nostrils at bedtime. When correctly placed inside the nostrils, you should notice an immediate effect such as being able to inhale deeper due to passageways being properly opened. Remove upon waking up in the morning and simply wash with water and let dry.

How To Use: 

  1. Wash device with warm water
  2. Hold the nose clip with the silicone part facing up
  3. Slowly insert the silicone part into the nasal cavity

Anti-snoring Device

Our anti-snoring nose clip is sized to fit any adult for pain-free use.

Its modern design reproduces the nostril anatomy of the nose for a snug fit.

Anti-snoring Device

The colored part of our anti-snoring device (red, white, or blue based off of your selection) is a filter that not only prevents snoring but also prevents harmful gases from being breathed in, all to help you breathe better.

Material: ABS + Silicone
Colors: Blue, White, Red
Function: Relieving Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Additional information

Item Type

Sleep & Snoring


Anti Snore Nose Clip

Work Mode



ABS + Silicone

Pressure Range

4-20 cmH2O

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50 Reviews For This Product

  1. 50

    by N***c

    I would recommend this device if you don’t sleep at home

  2. 50

    by S***n

    I really like it! I can sleep well now! thank you

  3. 50

    by G*****o

    Good device, and quick dellivery

  4. 50

    by N****s

    it works fine, reduces my snore 90%, and comfortable to use.

  5. 50

    by R***t

    You ‘ve come very quickly, now to try and I’ll tell you, thank you

  6. 50

    by C***y

    Nice! I LOVE this device!

  7. 50

    by T***d


  8. 50

    by D****a

    My husband can sleep now all night! and it’s wonderful!

  9. 50

    by L***f

    I was really skeptical, but finally, I was surprised! So advise trying this thing

  10. 50

    by O***o

    It may look a bit strange, but it’s a really helpful thing! So I would advise to taste it

  11. 50

    by A***v

    Loved it, for years my and I have had marital problems due to snoring. Thank you.!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 50

    by H***e

    Very accurate and very helpful, it reduces the snoring about 90%

  13. 50

    by L***n

    Nice, very nice result, I don’t use it every night, but I use it when I sleep in one room with my sun, and when I have a really huge snore

  14. 50

    by R***y

    I Love it! I love this product! I can sleep now all night! It’s amazing!!! It’s so simple to use. It sounds gross, but the vents are easy to clean with just a little soap and warm water.

  15. 50

    by M**e

    Satisfied with this product, match with the picture, excited, completely resolved problem sleep! Highly recommended!

  16. 50

    by B***y

    I like it, but I broke my device, it’s my fault, but I would very appreciate if you send me a coupon for my next purchase

  17. 50

    by V****y

    Awesome effect! Where have I been before! Years of years of sleep with snoring and this device really helped. I strongly advise you to try it! Maybe this is exactly what will help you.

  18. 50

    by B***y

    Super! Since I use this snore stopper, I sleep better at night. I don’t wake up my friends when I’m resting at their house. It’s really a good solution to my embarrassment

  19. 50

    by J***o

    I have tried just about every nasal flair out there, and I can honestly say these are the most comfortable ones for me. These are definitely worth trying. Customer service is incredible. I thought they had shipped the wrong size, and when I called the number on the box, I was put directly in contact with the person who ran this small family business. He had a new box sent to me, which I received within a day and a half of my phone call. I also like that this one lasts 90 days without having to change it. Great price too!

  20. 50

    by R***y

    My fiancé snores really loud and I got this for him so that I could get some peace as I’m a light sleeper. The first night it took some getting used to using it as I did hear some snoring. The second night was better, hardly heard anything. I’d recommend this to anyone looking to get some peace and quiet.

  21. 50

    by E***v

    The first night I used these, I felt a little strange. However, after only a few minutes, I realized that I could hardly feel them, and that breathing was easier and deeper than before. I had to get up a few times at night and realized that I fell asleep faster and (I think) slept deeper. The next morning I had to say that I felt more rested. After a few nights, I was convinced that I could fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and rest more.

  22. 50

    by Y***t

    Ok, I wasn’t expecting anything but decided to give it a try… and it works! I look like a monster when I wear this, it’s really weird to see, but it works. And it’s a VERY good thing for my co-sleeper!!! The effect is really really good, so buy try, the effect is very good, the husband used to sleep without snoring, the middle of the night need not wake up, very good, I and the child can sleep very well.

  23. 50

    by U***r

    It took a night or two to get used to the feel of these in your nose, but they worked. My daughter mentioned that I didn’t make a sound when she crawled into bed with me one night. Normally she would complain or hit me to wake me up when I was snoring. With these Nose Vents, we both sleep soundly.

  24. 50

    by Y***y

    The husband has the trouble that snore, used a lot of method not to take effect at ordinary times, with this I finally can set one’s mind at a sleep to sleep until dawn, again not afraid is snored noisy by the husband, this is really too easy to use

  25. 50

    by B***n

    It works. Unbelievable but true. Snoring is admittedly not completely resolved, but even the Apnea seems way to be. Wearing is also minimal disturbing, however allemal better than the big Atemgeräte.

  26. 50

    by R***l

    That’s was amazing for me, I didn’t believe how it possible to stop snoring. Gosh, the product give an amazing surprise for me. I wake up at night because my boyfriend snore. It was annoying. He used it this night and no noise at night. Thank you very very very much!!!

  27. 50

    by G***g

    I am satisfied with the great value of this kit.It was unpacked and in use in about 20 minutes after reading the instructions and playing with the settings. It came fully charged. At first I thought it wasn’t working but I realized the pads needs to placed on the skin to work. For the first time I used it for 15 minutes, it literally feels just like the Tens unit my chiropractor uses.

  28. 50

    by I***o

    The anti-snoring device is made of silica gel, which is comfortable and breathable during the wearing process without tight feeling.Easy disassembly and better cleaning.And it doesn’t interfere with rest.

  29. 50

    by T***r

    My husband snores every day and wakes up when he is asleep. I really can’t love him! If you don’t help him improve, you’ll have to torture me! Then I saw this one in the evening. It’s the real one. It’s super portable! Since the use of a lot of small snoring, the effect is good, this can sleep a safe sleep!

  30. 50

    by D***a

    Don’t believe people who talk it doesn’t work. I think they even taste this device! It works very well! And why you should think about how it looks when you sleep. You sleep! Nobody can see you! hahaha! But you can sleep well without snore!

  31. 50

    by J***o

    I snore while sleeping on all sides, so other devices weren’t good for me. BUT!!! This device is incredible! l look a bit weird, but this one seems much better than the spiral I tried last night and all devices I tried before. So I highly recommend this product for all who have such problems with snore as me

  32. 50

    by P***n

    Once you get used to these you won’t ever want to be without them. I bought a second set to take with me while I travel. Easy to clean up and very durable. My husband says they make a huge difference for me with my snoring. I’m so happy now! I really advise this device!

  33. 50

    by L***a

    It may sound bizarre, but this device was actually the most effective device I tried, cutting my total snoring in half, according to my scores and my wife’s scores. I really impressed! Snoring was always my problem, my wife could not sleep next to me. I had to go to another room. This device solved our problems!

  34. 50

    by S***n

    долго шли

  35. 50

    by N***c

    Надеюсь хорошее приспособление..

  36. 50

    by S***x

    19 дней до адреса в Москве мне не очень хорошо подошёл, фильтр хиленький и с пропусками, клапана нету, хорошо хоть разборный можно доработать. Комар, муха не залетит.

  37. 50

    by V***a


  38. 50

    by L***a

    Haven’t tried it .. hopefully it works

  39. 50

    by I***a

    Надо указывать расстояние между напавляющими. Оно очень маленькое. Только азиатский размер

  40. 50

    by R***r

    Но еще не пробовала

  41. 50

    by D***n

    пахнет пластмасос и не работает как обещали

  42. 50

    by A****a

    Used a few times feel good, to buy again, also recommended the friends around to buy.Morning mouth also not stem, no side effects, will insist on down, you go to sleep at night have been snoring, too noisy for me to sleep, with the later, don’t snore, breathing becomes smooth, quite a snore products, has recommended to a friend, your rest is bad, snoring is serious, affect family rest, friends said this useful, buy a try

  43. 50

    by U***d

    I tried a lot of devices, special drops and so on. But a miracle happened only with this small device. I don’t want to drink pills, drip drops, tie up my chin. All this is cumbersome and uncomfortable. Of course, you also need to get used to this thing, but on the third night I got used to it. This low price for what effect you get in the end

  44. 50

    by N***c

    Товар получила во время, продавец замечательная девочка, рекомендую.

  45. 50

    by C****t

    I have trouble sleeping because when I lie down I have trouble breathing thru my nose. It not only causes snoring but i dont seem to feel rested even after many hours of sleep. Nise vents have made a huge difference.

    I’ve tried a lot of these vents and these are the ones that work best for me. They are silicone and soft so they won’t cut the inside of your nose. But they are firm enough to not collapse. They are super comfortable.

    Seller was great, received earlier than expected. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  46. 50

    by D***M

    I have actually purchased these twice and am going to buy them a third time soon. I am really addicted to these weird little contraptions. I use them for bedtime, when I have a cold, and when I have a migraine. The first time, I lost the set that I used. Bummer! The second time, my toddler son lost it. This made me so sad! He was so sweet about it, so how could I get mad? But we found my device soon! I am currently using my new device and I’m happy. I will likely buy another set because: a) they price is perfect; b) the size is really fits me; c) I am afraid that someday these will be discontinued and I’ll be screwed; and d) they really work.

  47. 50

    by S***n

    These are pretty good solutions. I normally use this device every night, but I’ve only used one in the few weeks since I bought these. I snore and have difficulty breathing through my nose especially when I lay down. I have been looking for solution for a long time. Some solutions are so expensive that I cannot afford them, and even if I did there is no guarantee that they would work. This product is being sold at such reasonable price that I could resist not to try it. WOW! Did I get my money’s worth?!!! The very first night when I used it my nose breathing problem has disappeared. I still snore a little but not as loud as I used to snore. So it definitely helped with snoring as well. This product provided a solution I needed at the price that cannot be beat! I give it a strong recommendation. Thank you.

  48. 50

    by I***v

    Заказ исполнен за 24 дня с полным отслеживанием трека. Товар упакован надёжно и полностью соответствует описанию. Вставляемые концы из мягкого силикона. Видно, что на мелкие шурупы внутри вкручен фильтр. От изделия есть небольшой запах, но, надеюсь, после употребления исчезнет. В работе пока не использован. Ожидаемый результат сообщу дополнительно. Рекомендую продавца и магазин!

  49. 50

    by Customer

    منتج تم استلامه في ظرف زمني يقارب الشهرين،و هو مطابق للمواصفات المحددة من طرف البائع. لم يتم تجريبه بعد لتحديد مدى فعاليته. شكرا للبائع.

  50. 50

    by Customer


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