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Drill Scrubber Brush Kit for Cleaning


? Three different sizes and shapes of brush heads for thorough cleaning around the house

? Medium-stiff nylon brush heads attach to your favorite cordless drill

? Nylon bristles will not scratch surfaces, making them ideal for tubs, sinks, baseboards, fiberglass shower enclosures, shower door tracks, and porcelain


Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5 inches




Using an adapter? Check that yours matches these stats:

Input: 100 ~ 240V AC, 50 / 60Hz

Cord length: ~0.9M

Output: 12.6 V / 800mA

Cutter Head: 0.8-10mm




Additional information


Cleaning Brushes


kitchen tools

Feature 2

toilet brush

Feature 1

cleaning brush for drill

Function 3

cordless drill

Function 2

electric cleaning brush bathroom

Function 1

electric toilet brush







Model Number

Power Scrubber Brush




Household Cleaning

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114 Reviews For This Product

  1. 114

    by T***v

    Заказом пришел очень быстро несмотря на сложную ситуацию. Качество хорошее. Продавец честный и добросовестный.

  2. 114

    by A***v

    БРАВО после вирусасамый быстрый заказ. Спасибо продавцу рекомендую.

  3. 114

    by G***r

    4월21일 주문, 5월2일 도착, 포장 및 배송 양호함.

  4. 114

    by Customer

    super comme j’ai beaucoup de gros nettoyage à faire ça va me servir énormément le matériel est de bonne qualité merci Aliexpress

  5. 114

    by G***y

    livraison un peu lente mais conforme a mes attentes je recommande ce vendeur

  6. 114

    by L***y


  7. 114

    by F***o

    Es exactamente como la foto….

  8. 114

    by S***n

    Ordered but not tested fast arrivals

  9. 114

    by E***y

    Весьма полезный бытовой гаджет. Цена – приемлемая, доставка – относительно недолгая, хотя отслеживание – только по Китаю. Упаковка – вполне достаточная для такой вещи, внешний вид – приличный, функциональность проверил – чистит ванну “на ура!”, относительно долговечности – рассчитываю на нормальную. Возможно, вылезут блохи в ходе эксплуатации, но пока и товар, и продавца – рекомендую.

  10. 114

    by A***h

    Нареканий нет. Все как на фото. Щетина очень плотная. Качество -ок.

  11. 114

    by Customer

    Quick delivery, items received as described. no issues here.

  12. 114

    by P***r

    ça fonctionne

  13. 114

    by R***s

    as described

  14. 114

    by F***r

    muy buen producto

  15. 114

    by R***a

    Good item, some brushes it arrived a bit flat but I guess it is fine

  16. 114

    by G***h

    Быстрая доставка. Товар отличный. Спасибо! ))

  17. 114

    by S***v

    Щётки пришли, всё отлично, спасибо

  18. 114

    by E***v

    изумительные щетки, за ворс не цепляются, за один вечер сделал комплексную химчистку салона. однозначно рекомендую к покупке. насадка в виде ершика оказалась просто незаменимой

  19. 114

    by G***e

    Щётки отличные, чистят удобно и хорошо, в меру жёсткие. Посылка в Украину дошла очень быстро – через 21 день ужё забирали на новой почте. Описание соответствует реальности. Рекомендую!

  20. 114

    by R***s

    могло быть лучше упаковано

  21. 114

    by N***a

    Товар пришёл быстро, качество пока не могу сказать, ещё не открывала! Спасибо продавцу!

  22. 114

    by K***r

    It is good.

  23. 114

    by P***v

    Товар пришёл немного позже чем ожидалось. Щетина жестковатая, запах отсутствует. Продавцу большое спасибо. Выходил на связь, отвечал сразу. Покупкой доволен. Посмотрим как будет вести себя во время эксплуатации. Продавца рекомендую!

  24. 114

    by K****a

    An excellent product. I have used it on my Wolf stove with the grill in the middle and it looks brand new. I never thought that I would get all of the grease and crumbs from under the cracks and crevices but omg does this do the trick. I also used it in my bathtub and got rid of all the built up scum . I am ocd so I keep my home really clean. I would this product for anyone’s shopping list.

  25. 114

    by S***a

    This is awesome and cut down time significantly with cleaning a natural stone shower. I had to use a slim brush to get into the corners, but that is no big deal. I HATE cleaning the restrooms and this cuts down the time on the toilets and showers. I even put a good amount of pressure down while cleaning and this held up. No bent bristles. the included extension is great and sturdy too. Will use it with more than just the brush heads!

  26. 114

    by S***a

    Great for scrubbing tubs, shower stalls, and tiled walls and floors. Love the different size brushes. Wear goggles, old clothes, use a cheap shampoo on the brushes with a bucket of hot water to wet down the surface you’re cleaning, use a “cordless” drill, so you don’t get shocked, and scrub away!

  27. 114

    by P****g

    These little wonders make cleaning so much easier and quicker. You won’t be disappointed. Just connect it to your drill and off you go scrubbing everything and anything that needs it or doesn’t. We have a huge shower and it would take me 30 minutes to scrub everything down and now, less than 10 minutes and its sparkling clean!

  28. 114

    by D****e

    These are the best thing For cleaning soap scum off of my bathtub! They worked great with my small DeWalt drill but it used up my batteries very quickly. The drill can get heavy after several minutes of scrubbing but , Overall they made cleaning easier and faster than doing it by hand, and my tub now sparkles.

  29. 114

    by A****s

    Scrubbing a bath tub down with your hands sucks, using a power drill with these attachments makes it a breeze and cuts down on time and energy. Use it on any cordless drill because a corded drill will just get in the way. A definite must if someone is looking for an easy way to clean bathtubs or bathrooms.

  30. 114

    by J****n

    Love it! It can be a wild ride so strap yourself in for a deep cleaning. Don’t forget safety goggles! You need them! I found that out the hard way, but luckily I was only cleaning with diluted vinegar. I got this to get my husband excited about cleaning the bathroom, but he wasn’t fooled. At least it makes cleaning easier for me!

  31. 114

    by H****n

    I wish I would have bought these years ago! My husband does concrete work. It’s nit like dirt where it just washes away with the water. It creates a sludgy grime that sticks to the ceramic and doesn’t rinse. These tools are perfect for taking care of that! I get so exhausted cleaning the shower all the time. It takes way more than just elbow grease! These tools do the work for me. My shower is white again!

  32. 114

    by H***y

    This is the greatest thing I’ve ever bought in my life. One piece of advice is to keep it far away from water because if it gets on your drill tip, it can rust. But I’ll clean my shower walls in 4 minutes tops – it’s a total game changer. Great to clean sinks, counter tops, and basically anything else too. The “toilet” attachment is great to get into corners.

  33. 114

    by M***w

    Love this concept. I have used it for the stovetop, worked great, I have arthritis and sometimes scrubbing excessively will cause fluid to build up in my elbows. I used the rounded top one to get into the little spot on bathtub that is meant for a washcloth to hand and it’s hard to scrub that spot, worked beautifully. I also used along baseboards in bathroom on the floor and I’m very happy.

  34. 114

    by M***a

    Cut my bathroom scrub time by half and works way better then just hand power! I’ve got a bad back so scrubbing for long periods is a no go. Let the cleaner soak or not the drill has enough power to scrub anything out for you.

  35. 114

    by E***h

    I’ve only used the rounded brush to clean my wheels on my truck and I’ve totally gotten my moneys worth. I had a stuck pad on the rear of my truck that ate the whole rotor through to the vents. So I had more than just brake dust all over my wheel (molten metal flakes). I’ve hat the truck detailed a few times since the brake issue was fixed and everyone has always told me that my wheel was ruined. I sprayed my wheels with some purple power and chocked the brush up in my Milwaukee and went to town. Wheels look amazing. I found that just letting the brush do the work did better than putting a lot of pressure on it. If all the brushes fell apart now I will still be happy with the purchase.

  36. 114

    by A***r

    This was a great buy. The brushes are very durable and wash out easily. I like the sizes and they can be used to clean so many things. One thing to note is that the bristles are fairly stiff and they would probably damage a surface if it’s not durable enough. It’s nice they came with quick release extension to attach to your drill, making it much easier to switch between each brush. I will definitely be buying another set down the road if these wear out.

  37. 114

    by J***y

    Simply put, this shower is 25 years old and I used to spend 3-4 hours cleaning it by hand every month or two. With this drill brush it took 1.5 hours (literally cut my time in half, if not better) and cleaned it better than I ever could just by hand. Also, I used to use bleach based cleaners and almost pass out for the hours spent in there. Now? It cleans so well I use all natural cleaners. This time around I used simple green. Nothing else. Worked amazingly. Don’t take my word for it, let the photo of my 25 year old bath tub do the talking for you.

  38. 114

    by J***r

    They work for their designed purpose but you have to put some pressure on it for deep cleaning; repetition didn’t work with an uneven (grain) bathtub floor that was caked in old dirt. I eventually had to use a course scrubber BUT.. It worked very well on sinks and level surfaces with repetition. Glad I have it in my arsenal of cleaning supplies.

  39. 114

    by M***n

    How have I lived without this? I used the heads to clean my shower and my cabinet doors in my kitchen. I am using different heads for different areas of the house. My kitchen cabinets are painted and I was scared that the power of the drill with the coarse brush would take off the paint but it only happened once. It was my fault. I pushed way too hard and the drill went on its side and the base of the brush went on the cabinet. Oops. I love these. You need to buy.

  40. 114

    by D***l

    Welllll where has this been my entire life? I have tried every product and even razor blades on my soap scum…. THIS finally did it. Love the xl long attachment as well. Ordering more for other options! Also, the flat large yellow on works best on soap scum. if you just hold it down and run it over it. The others were good for small corners in shower. I just rd a few squirts of soap scum remover, and had a washcloth on hand to wipe it and assess my progress. There is NO other product that makes soap scum go away. Now to buy a lighter drill to make it all even easier. Def recommend this product.

  41. 114

    by R***t

    Wow I’m very pleased with the capabilities of this drill brush. I had my 10year old kitchen aid foster over . It had baked on caked on grease and you name it built up in it on it all over. I used bar keepers friend and with this drill brush and it blasted through the grease. I did have to move much the only thing I had to do was move the drill around other then that the drill brush did all the work. I would recommend this to everyone. This makes cleaning fun and easy.

  42. 114

    by G***e

    There was a dark stain in the throat of my toilet that was seeming impossible to clean. In the 9 years I’ve lived here I could never get it clean because the opening is too small to get a hand into or enough leverage with my fingers. The small end bristle brush of this set was perfect. I cleaned the toilet flushed a couple times to rinse, and then turned off the water and flushed once more to drain the bowl. I put cleanser down the hole, and then went after it with the brush, there are still two tiny spots that just can’t be reached, but finally it looks almost as good as new. To disinfect the brush, I cut the top off a small water bottle and filled it 1/2 way with bleach, put the brush in and let it sit for a few minutes, then rinsed with water. I used the bleach to then disinfect the toilet bowl.

  43. 114

    by S***n

    Ordered this to clean the grout in a ceramic tile shower. Received these tools and they are exactly as they are described in the details and specs. Simply install the brushes into the chuck of a cordless drill and start cleaning. Makes quick work of soap scum and even the pebbles surface of the bottom fiberglass tray in the bottom of the shower. Shower looks as good as new after only a few minutes of work and did not have to have to break a sweat like before. After the job was complete the brushes looks as good as new and are ready for the next cleaning job. May try it out next on the wheels of our cars.

  44. 114

    by F***k

    Y’all I have been cleaning my bathroom and grout with my hands and toothbrushes!!! And sadly the grout in my house was not taken care of prior to us and is filthy. I have not been able to get the stuff clean, till now! Tried this out on one of the showers grout last night and WOW! It’s the cleanest this shower has ever been, I just sprayed my cleaner let it sit as it instructs and then went over with the dill brushes. Super simple and super quick. I did tire out quickly as I have zero upper body strength and this does require you to hold and operate a drill. Overall this was the best purchase I have made in a long time!

  45. 114

    by M***w

    My mom has always been lazy and hates cleaning. A few years ago she got hurt at work and now has knee, hip, and back problems. I got a pack of the yellow bristles and has been using them constantly. One of the biggest problem areas was the bathroom floor. She uses hairspray every day and dirt sticks to what falls on the floor. That has built up over years. With these brushes, it easily came off of the linoleum with no damage to the floor. Yellow brushes were perfect for cleaning and not causing damage to linoleum and plastic bathtub. I highly recommend this for people who are lazy, hate cleaning, or have any kind of disability that makes cleaning painful or difficult.

  46. 114

    by J***a

    I was skeptical that this product would work but for the price thought it was worth the risk. Shower cleaning is my least favorite task so it’s a job that tends to get put off. My shower had a very heavy buildup of soap scum and the grout lines were a particular mess. I sprayed down one wall at a time with cleaner than went to work with the big brush. It made quick work of the large areas. I used the rounded brush in the corners. These brushed did a quick job of cleaning this mess and with a fraction of the effort normally needed with a manual brush. Its been years since my shower looked this clean. And with a quick rinse these brushes looked like new. I would highly recommend this product.

  47. 114

    by A***a

    Oh man why have I not purchased or seen this sooner! I am a very neat person and like to try my best to keep all my household areas as clean as possible. We have always had a couple of spots in the basement and garage that would not come clean with anything! Boy these did the trick like nothing to it. Mixed up some comet paste and went at those stains like a pro!! I can’t say thank you enough for a product being made like this. I especially love the extension part so I was able to get behind the yucky toilet areas!! Now I am pretty sure about everyone in my family has asked me where I got it and how did I find such a great deal!

  48. 114

    by L***a

    my girlfriend and i changed house last month, but the problem is that we have to take time to clean up our new house. We spent a lot of time at first,but it was slow and ineffective, and a lot of place is not easy to clean up until i bought this drill brush. It is amazing. i quickly clean the bathroom tubs and tiles, and the garden stairs. i loved it. My girlfriend is very happy to live in a new and comfortable house. thank you, Next time, I will buy your product again.

  49. 114

    by A****a

    Nice attachments for the drill and they do the work for you. Just make sure the drill is light enough for overhead cleaning or your arm gets tired. That’s ok because if not for the drill it takes a lot longer to clean those areas and kept putting it off. Put it on or use a slower speed and you don’t get splattered with cleaner. The extension piece makes it easier as you don’t have to stretch as much as before. Those few extra inches really make a difference. Definitely recommend these.

  50. 114

    by J****t

    I bought these brushes when I was working on cleaning my parent’s shower – which was DISGUSTING. The entire thing was coated in gray ugly soap scum and hard water stains. I make some progress with green scrubbies & magic erasers, but it was slllllloooow going. So I purchased these so I could get the power from a drill with my scrubbing! voila! you can see in my picture… the entire shower was the color on the left… but on the right is where the drill brush did it’s job!

  51. 114

    by L******d

    This product works great! It cleaned my super old tub that has lost most of its finish. This was even cleaned just using Mr. Clean. Not even specialized soap scum/mildew cleaner.

  52. 114

    by U****r

    I have used these to clean my rims, shower, window crevices, and countless other annoying spots. Gets behind the sideview mirrors to remove the green stuff that the dampness allows to grow there as well as trim areas with ease. The bristles are sturdy and get deep into openings but are gentle enough not to scratch anything. It even removes tree sap! I even use buffer pads under the larger brush to buff wax when I don’t want to take out my bigger machine which is way too heavy and corded. I’ve used this on the greenhouse and even to get funk off my dogs heavy coat when she gets into something. I can probably list a few dozen other things but you get the idea, you can do anything with this. And at this price it made my life easier. Worth every single cent. Recommended fully, built well, and loved.

  53. 114

    by E****n

    I just used this to clean some of the tile in my kitchen, using just some vinegar dawn and baking soda. I’d normally use bleach and a toothbrush to get the same result, but with much more effort and sweat! This product is very easy to use! And makes cleaning more fun. It takes just a few seconds per tile. I’m a petite woman. The only difficult part is pressing on the button of the drill for so long, and you will need to guide the drill with both hands. See the pic for the before and after. One pic shows left side after cleaning with this product and right side before. Can’t wait to finish the rest of the floor!

  54. 114

    by A****n

    My shower tiles and grout have never been so clean. Just attach the necessary brush and go to town. These things power through built up soap scum and leave my shower sparkly clean. My stand-in shower is pretty big and is 100% tile, it used to take FOREVER with a sponge and elbow grease and I’d still be left with built up soap scum. After getting these, I spend about 1/2 the time and have truly shiny tile when I finish.

  55. 114

    by M*****e

    This product made cleaning my grout effortless. I sprayed Simply Green on the grout line, let it sit for maybe 2 mins and then used the brush on it. Two quick swipes up the line and it was done. Previously, I was on my knees for quite some time and it was a lot of elbow grease with a brush! I can’t wait to try this on the bathroom next. It attached easily to our drill (I may be the least mechanical female and I attached it) and a quick rinse and it was clean.

  56. 114

    by S****v

    I have found many uses for this power scrubber. I have used this tool to help me clean my glass top stove. I use the wide brush and add some glass top cleaner/polish to the stove and run the attachment at a slow speed so to not spray the cleaner/polish all over the place. It has shortened my cleaning time from 30 minutes to about 10 minutes and I am not using my arm strength to clean the glass top stove.

    Another use is for my cast iron pans. Whenever I get some stuck on food that is tough to remove I again break out the scrubber which I have used both the small flat and large flat brush on my cast iron pans. They make quick work of cleaning off the debris and do not damage the pan’s seasoning. I have also used the rounded brush to clean the toilets as it makes the work quick.

    I haven’t yet found a cleaning chore involving scrubbing that these haven’t been able to help you complete. Also when cleaning do not use the toilet brush for something you will be touching or eating no matter how clean you get it. Just common sense if you find a use for it keep it for that use and don’t cross contaminate.

  57. 114

    by W*****n

    I’m embarrassed to say that my shower even looked that horrible but it has been a disgusting mess since I moved in-the previous occupant didn’t keep up with cleaning it and we have very hard water. I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get this thing clean. I’ve scrubbed with a heavy duty scrub daddy, a whole shelf of cleaning products, “homemade” cleaners-I MEAN EVERYTHING. I have spent HOURS trying to scrub this thing clean and all I’ve ended up with is disappointment (I have shed actual tears over this shower y’all).

    But after five minutes of letting some Comet spray sit on my shower and then using these brushes I am amazed. It saved me so much time and effort. I did enlist the help of my husband and had to change my drill battery- we desperately need a different drill- but seriously after about 30 minutes and minimal effort my shower looks stunning. I haven’t used these multiple times so I can’t speak to how they hold up but the first use was great.

    I purchased the blue set and am so pleased with how they worked. For heavily textured areas like the shower floor I highly recommend switching the direction on your drill just to make sure you get all of the nooks and crannies. If you’ve been sitting with these in your cart for a while like I was please bite the bullet and try them out.

  58. 114

    by E****i

    Bought these to clean out the vehicles in our household. I was not expecting them to work as well as they did. These made very easy work of some pretty nasty carpet and floormats. I used Chemical Guys’ citrus upholstery shampoo with these and it honestly made a humongous difference. Just knowing that I don’t have to spend hours scrubbing by hand is a huge plus for me. Hook these into a drill and you are going to be done lightyears faster!

    I used the lower speed setting on my Ryobi as the faster speed was working a little too good-it would sling stuff everywhere. Slowed it down and way more controllable and the results were way better than expected. The bristles held up just fine. No stray bristles anywhere and they were just stiff enough to dig out the dirt and grime while actually helping to reset the nap on my girlfriends’ floormats. They look brand new! The extension really comes in handy when doing under the seats and in the corners of the floorboard.

    Real handy! It normally would take me about 4 hours to do my Hyundai by hand. This kit helped me knock it out in just over an hour. And it looks so much better. Don’t let the price fool you, please. I know there are more expensive and bigger-named brush sets out there. This set works and it works extremely well. And this is from a non-professional who is simply a conscientious owner who likes a clean interior.

  59. 114

    by J***v


  60. 114

    by P***v

    Хорошая щетка. Спасибо продавцу.

  61. 114

    by A***i

    wszystko ok

  62. 114

    by S***e

    Colis Jamais reçu

  63. 114

    by R***r

    получила довольно быстро, ещё не использовала,с продавцом не общалась, после использования дополню отзыв

  64. 114

    by A***r

    Щетки средней жескости

  65. 114

    by J***s

    Great for cleaning all kind of surfaces

  66. 114

    by G***.

    Viskas gerai. Šepečiai kieti, tvirti

  67. 114

    by P***v

    Щетки огонь, добавляем шуруповерт и делаем ветер 🙂

  68. 114

    by E***i

    Good quality for the price.

  69. 114

    by I***i

    Goods came thank you

  70. 114

    by M***t


  71. 114

    by M***v

    Brushes norms, bristles on the finger are rough, and in fact when pressing begins to lose shape. Cleaning norms, bathroom, tile

  72. 114

    by Customer

    Received in time

  73. 114

    by B***y

    Compliant delivery

  74. 114

    by J***A


  75. 114

    by V***v

    Ok ! )

  76. 114

    by L***l

    Fast shipping. Good quality. I recomend.

  77. 114

    by R***r

    جيدة وجميلة وصلت قبل الموعد

  78. 114

    by Customer

    Жестковаты ворсинки

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  80. 114

    by Customer

    Мне очень понравились щётки, немного грубоватые, но это не помеха. Товар и продавца рекомендую.

  81. 114

    by O***o

    Отличные щётки! Посылка пришла за 14 дней

  82. 114

    by G***k

    Прекрасные щетки, хорошо упакованы, описанию соответствуют. щетина жёсткая, должны хорошо чистить – попробую – отчитаюсь. Посылка дошла удивительно быстро – за 16 дней. Спасибо продавцу за оперативность. Всем советую

  83. 114

    by E***a

    Товар хороший. Пришло быстро.

  84. 114

    by O***v

    good product

  85. 114

    by M***D

    These brushes are great. I wasnt sure they would be durable but they seem to be strong.

  86. 114

    by A***r

    Item is of a reasonable quality (commentate with cost). Haven’t used it yet but will report one I have.

  87. 114

    by M***d

    Für das Preis ist okay

  88. 114

    by O***a

    отправил быстро,

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    by R***r

    Пришли быстро, о полезности много написано ниже

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  91. 114

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  92. 114

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  93. 114

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    все получил ,продавец отправил бы то , рекомендую

  94. 114

    by F***r

    Fast delivery. Good product. Just received. Didn’t use. Loks good.

  95. 114

    by R***r

    Достаточно жесткие.’

  96. 114

    by K***r

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  97. 114

    by G***e

    Great piece of equipment would definitely recommend.

  98. 114

    by N***s

    very fast shipping store recommend

  99. 114

    by E***v

    Товар полностью соответствует описанию. Продавец положил даже одну лишнюю щеточку, за что большое спасибо! Посылка шла до Москвы 15 дней

  100. 114

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  101. 114

    by G***i

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  102. 114

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  103. 114

    by M***u

    haven’t used it yet

  104. 114

    by T***a

    Щетина довольно мягкая. В целом – ок.

  105. 114

    by S***r

    Отправлено сразу и дошло до Москвы за 3 недели. Товар соответствует описанию. Дошло в акууратном виде. Но привести в порядок старую ванну, даже с применением проф. израильских средств не удалось. Считаю, что и для чистки машинных дисков больше подойдет обычная авто мойка с сильной струёй. Думаю, что купила зря и будет просто лежать. Увы!

  106. 114

    by E***a

    Соответствуют описанию. Оперативная доставка, за две недели. Посмотрим как будут в работе!

  107. 114

    by K***y

    very fast delivery and would buy from them again

  108. 114

    by A***k

    Все как на картинке, еще пока не потзовалсч, но видно качество хорошен репомендую товар и продавца

  109. 114

    by A***c


  110. 114

    by M***v


  111. 114

    by V***h


  112. 114

    by Customer

    It works fine as described. Satisfies.

  113. 114

    by N***v

    не общался с продавцом, ворс на щётке не крепкий.

  114. 114

    by A***o

    Corresponds to the description

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