Ergonomically-Adjustable Phone/Tablet Stand

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No more sore neck and tired eyes!


? EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP: Designed with 4mm-thick aluminum, enjoy reliable support for your device. Crafted to be lightweight with smooth edges for comfortable mobility, take this stand with you anywhere for ergonomic use and convenient storage.




? Use this cell phone/tablet desk stand with iPhone / Android phones in 4/8 inches.

? STURDY SILICONE RUBBER PROTECTION: An aluminum base is encased in silicone rubber for easy grip and hold and protection against scratches and accidental sliding.



? ADJUST TO YOUR NEEDS: Find your suitable height and angle for your phone/tablet holder. Read messages, browse social media, or watch videos with ease and zero strain on your neck or head.

?WHAT YOU GET: 1 x Cell Phone Desk stand. 

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Model Number

Universal Adjustable Mobile Phone Holder

Compatible Phone Model




Usage A

Phone holder For iPhone X 3G 3GS 8 7 6 6s 6Plus 5s 5 4s

Usage B

Phone holder For Xiaomi 4a 4x 4 Plus 6 For Redmi Note 2 Note 3 Note 4

Usage C

Phone holder For Samsung s3 s4 S5 S6 S7 S8 Plus

Function 1

Base for a telephone on the table

Function 2

Cellphone Stand Bracket

Function 3

Mobile Phone Holder Stand

Function 4

Auto mobile support

Function 5

Non Slip Mobile Phone Holder

Function 6

Smartphone support

Function 7

phone holder

Function 8

Table Cell Phone Support holder

Function 9

Flexible Phone Holder

Function 10

For iPhone Desktop Tablet Stand

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120 Reviews For This Product

  1. 118

    by J***n

    I have been using this phone holder for over two months and I’m happy with it so far.

    > Holds its angle perfectly, never gets loose.
    > simple yet functional

    > none

  2. by A****e

    great device to enjoy your movies in the right view angle or take the perfect selfies or snap chat while you have your hands free!

    I use it for my pixel 6p and my ipad.

  3. 118

    by D***l

    Love this stand. It works great on my desk. My favorite part and the reason I chose this stand over others that are smilar was the place for the charging cable. You do not have to disconnect the charger to remove this phone from the stand. The design allows you to pick up the phone from the stand with the charger still plugged in. Others do not have an open top. So you have to thread the cable through a hole so it becomes a pain to pick up and put down your phone.

  4. by W***k

    Great product. Cheap price, great quality. I bought this thinking it would be any old regular phone holder made out of thin metal. However, when I got this I was pleasantly surprised. It’s strong and sturdy. Bottom grip is great and the part where it holds the phone provides grip too. The gaps in the middle and by the bottom allow you to wire a charger through; you can mount your phone and charge it at the same time without having to worry about damaging your cable! I bought the gold one and it loooks really nice as well. Very happy with my purchase

  5. 118

    by C***e

    I bought two of these to keep on my desk at work and I love them. I have a work cell and my personal cell that I like to keep handy. The foot print is smaller than my phones laying down, so they take up less space.
    They are very sturdy construction and my phones feel very stable on them, both horizontal and vertical.
    There are 4 grippy pads on the bottom, so they don’t slide or scratch the surface they are on. They also have small silicone grippy pads where the phone sits, so the phone doesn’t slide or get roughed up by the edges of the stand. I LOVE THESE!

  6. 118

    by N***k

    I am very impressed with this phone/tablet stand. It’s made of aircraft aluminum with a black powder coat. It is very well made, the adjustable plate has very strong hinges that allow it to be adjusted in many ways. It has enough space as you can see in my picture to hold my fire hd 8 tablet with a faux leather case on it. I like this style of stand because it is higher with great adjustability so I can have something in front of it and still be able to see the whole tablet. It has 4 rubber feet on the bottom that keep it from scooting around. It also has rubber pieces at the bottom of the holding arm and 2 more on the top as to not scratch your phone or tablets. This is so much nicer than a plastic stand and even folds completely to put in a pocket or purse.

  7. 118

    by J***k

    This multi purpose stand is great! It has plenty of settings and angles you can use and it supports plenty of devices from phones up to larger tablets and even portable game consoles like the switch. It is made of strong aluminum just like there other stands and has great rubber feet and spots on the stand to keep from slipping. The stand does not loose its angle even with decently heavy devices even leaving it for weeks. It even has holes for cables to run through to keep things clean. Overall great product and company quality.

  8. 118

    by L****m

    I love this phone stand. It’s perfect for my IPhone 7 Plus. It is much sturdier than I expected. Adjusts easily and stays in place. For my phone it’s perfect. I have also used it with my fire tablet. It is a 10 inch tablet and fits easily enough in the stand however there is not as much versatility to adjust the angles with the tablet as it will cause it to be top heavy and tip over at certain angles. I feel my tablet is a little too big for it but it will hold it for watching videos. I feel the stand is very affordable at under $10 and am 110% satisfied with this product. It exceeds my expectations.

  9. 118

    by N***y

    I just got this and it works with the otter box on ipod touch works on Iphone 5 C, and a tablet Samsung E. It folds down nicely. My only issue is that it did not have a bag as I put everything in my purse and work on the road sometimes. That’s no biggie as I will just swing in Goodwill and get a makeup bag or little camera bag for 99 cents so it does not scratch anything in my purse. It holds up well as I sit a lot of the time behind the stage while my husband is rehearsing in the symphony and I can set this on extra music stand flat and use my portable keyboard and work on emails with my phone or table. I will probably have to get another one as my husband will want one too lol. He takes all my geek things and claims them haha.

  10. 118

    by E***y

    I enjoy using this in the kitchen when I want to cook following a recipe on my phone. It is also good for resting the phone to watch some videos while I’m prepping food or waiting by the oven. I like to keep my phone. It’s compact yet sturdy. I like that the part that comes into contact with the phone and screen (including the claw part in the front) is coated with silicone so that my phone doesn’t get scratched and doesn’t slip out of the cradle. This might also be useful for a work desk if you like to have media playing in the background while you work 🙂

  11. 118

    by S***n

    Whoever designed this device is a genius. I am more than pleased with this stand. Very sturdy, very well made and nice color choices
    I own a Samsung note 8 with an Otter Box protection. I tried using another product and what a disappointment, and I am returning to seller. The hole in the backplate is a nice touch, allowing for charging cable attachment. SO sturdy, I’ll probably have this for the rest of my life. A good buy and quite reasonable in price.

  12. 118

    by K***y

    I wanted a stand for bedside use that would hold my iPhone XS Max with a power cord attached and this works perfectly. No problem sturdily holding the large phone in a case and the power cord attaches without severely bending it. It also works with my 10.5″ iPad Pro with a case on it (Landscape mode). Nice for the iPad as it provides readily adjustable viewing angles and gets it raised up a bit. The stand is also lightweight and folds into a small size for travel. In all, this is exactly what I was looking for and at a really reasonable price.

  13. 118

    by G***r

    Amazing quality stand. Was surprised it folded down really flat and has a nice grip on the back so the phone doesn’t slip. Quality is pretty high quality although I wish they had more color options like black.

  14. 118

    by G***y

    Whoever designed this device is a genius. I am more than pleased with this stand. Very sturdy, very well made and nice color choices
    I own a Samsung note 8 with an Otter Box protection. I tried using another product and what a disappointment, and I am returning to seller. The hole in the backplate is a nice touch, allowing for charging cable attachment. SO sturdy, I’ll probably have this for the rest of my life. A good buy and quite reasonable in price.

  15. 118

    by E***n

    Wow! The phone stand is sturdy and doesn’t wobble or slide around on my desk. I have a Galaxy S8+, enclosed in an Otterbox case, and it fits easily into the phone stand. I looked at others, but couldn’t find one initially that would hold a phone while it’s in an Otterbox Defender case. This one does and I am very happy. I can watch videos, comfortable see notifications without having to pick up my phone and can even charge the phone when it’s in the stand. I highly recommend this stand.

  16. 118

    by M***e

    Love it. Just what I needed for my 10 year old buddy who wanted her own personal phone stand so she wouldn’t have to fumble with my much bigger, bulkier stand. Adjustable angles is a big plus so she is comfortable using it sitting up, or lying on the floor. Color is lovely as well. Definitely recommended for table top usage and for phones that don’t have a kickstand.

  17. 118

    by B***n

    I thought this stand would make it easier for me to find my phone on my desk while I was working. I didn’t expect it to be any more useful than that. I was mistaken! I can move it all over the house and have quick access to my phone and all of its information. I can hear the phone when it rings or sends a notification. I can even block calls from the dreaded robo callers more easily. It is a slick little gadget. I’m impressed. My husband actually took mine and ordered another one for me. We are very sat with all aspects of this product and feel it was well worth the price

  18. 118

    by A****t

    I travel a lot, and I got tired of holding my phone to watch movies on the airplane. This little device saved the day. It doesn’t slip on the tray table even when the pilots are doing crazy stuff and the flight attendants are banging past your seat with the cart. I like the port for the cord and the adjustable angle. It fits nicely in my purse when I am not using it; just fold the hook piece flat and slip it in a purse sideways. It goes with me on every trip.

  19. 118

    by G***l

    Product is great. It is sturdy. It doesn’t slide around on a standard hard (Formica, etc) surface. The adjustable part works well, keeping the chosen tilt in place when using/touching the device. The charging cord can be plugged while the phone is in the holder. It is portable. The pad on the bottom keeps in place, it does not have a sticky substance. Material appears to be similar to silicone which just holds on to what ever it touches, yet can be picked up and moved easily.

  20. 118

    by L***m

    I just received this stand today in the silver color. My iPhone 6s plus with otter box defender case fits with room to spare. I like the versatility—-vertical or landscape placement—-and the adjustability. It is sturdy and appears well built. I see it protecting my phone from spills on the counters and tables. I expect it will last for the life of this phone. My only complaint is that it wasnt available in black.

  21. 118

    by E***n

    This is a simple little cell phone stand or tablet stand and it is designed beautifully. It is sturdy, with a couple of no-slip strips in strategic places, and the holder can be tilted up and down so you can adjust the angle of your phone (or tablet) while you use it. The bracket in which the phone (or tablet) sits is roomy enough to accommodate most thicknesses, and your phone (or tablet) can easily be propped vertically or horizontally. The design does not get in the way if you need to attach a charging cord to your phone (or tablet) while using it. The color offerings and shape of the stand are nice looking, too, so it will look good on your desk even when you are not using it!

  22. 118

    by W***k

    This stand is VERY sturdy and well made. Holds either iPhone 8 or 8+ with no problem,
    Great no skid pad on the base so no sliding around the desk and there are also no-skid pads in the cradle arms so the phone sits solidly in the arms. I don’t have to hold the base and phone either to tap my phone awake or icons on the home screen … that’s how substantially weighted this product is. I highly recommend it.

  23. 118

    by E***a

    I selected this stand because I have a Pop Socket on my case, and I needed a case that would allow me to account for that on the back of the phone case, and still allow viewing the screen at any angle. It does exactly that. It’s well-made, sturdy construction, and the holes in the spine allow me to wrap my charging cable through it so it doesn’t slip out and fall behind my desk every time I unplug it. It easily allows me to turn my phone sideways to watch a TV show, and has appropriate spacing in the bottom for both charging cables and head phone jack.

  24. 118

    by H***y

    I assumed I would receive an adequate but also cheap product that might do the job but little more. I could not have been more wrong! This stand is a marvel. It is extremely well made, solid, and clearly long-lasting. Put simply, I love it and am already hitting myself for not ordering it months ago. If there is a better product on the market that is as reasonably priced, I surely have never found it and I would bet no-one else has either.

  25. 118

    by N***y

    I love my phone stand. I keep one next to my bed and I love that when the phone rings I don’t have to be reaching out to my night stand just to see who is calling or texting. I’m so happy with it, I bought one for my home office and my work office. I’ve also bought several others to give out as gifts. Great when you have a last minute or unexpected gift or just to say thank you to someone. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. They are great for everybody no matter gender or age.

  26. 118

    by R****d

    This the second one I purchased for my wife, as she loves the one she received as a Christmas gift from me so much she asked for another one. The finish has proven quite durable as well as she takes it wherever she goes. The non-skid pad on the bottom has not separated from the base and provides stable footing on multiple surfaces – it’s a great product for our purposes!

  27. 118

    by G***r

    I bought this because I liked the fact that I can adjust the angle. With other stands,at work, the lights above my desk glare off the screen and I cant see anything. This is perfect. The angle moves easily with pressure but it has enough friction that it isnt going to move on it’s own. There is plenty of room for phones with thick cases too. The padding is in the right places as well so there is no damage to the phone of the surface the stand is on. Love it!

  28. 118

    by A***a

    I’ve needed something to hold my tablet up away from the water glass by the bed for a while now. I had a cute little plastic beach chair, but I recently moved in with family temporarily and it’s in storage. This stand is perfect. It’s well made of solid metal and the non-slip pad on the bottom means it stays put. My phone has a ring on the back of the case, but there’s more than enough room for it too. In fact, it fits better on this than on the beach chair.

    The stand also has a hole in it so you can pass your power cord through instead of looping it awkwardly around. It’s attractive, too — it looks very nice on the side table near my bed or on my sofa. I’m very happy with my purchase!

  29. 118

    by T****e

    The price seemed high for what it is. But I’m SO GLAD I overcame my hesitation and bought this extremely well made heavy duty but great high end looking phone desk stand. The matte finish and elegant curves will look great on my desk at work. The thick aluminum is no toy. Unless it’s run over by a car it’ll outlive me. And I especially appreciated the thin unobtrusive rubber feet that’ll keep the stand from sliding if my charging cable is jostled. I expect that my coworkers will ask where they can buy one…and I’ll tell them. (& I just now bought another one for home!)

  30. 118

    by D***n

    I am so happy I bought this.. It wasn’t life changing.. but it sure is nice 🙂 I purchased another brand (deal of the day type thing) as a gift (in black) for my husband. I started looking at other options and saw OMOTON in the rose gold for me. It was a whopping $1 more than the deal of the day. This stand (at least for my purposes) is so much better than the other. The non slip base covered the whole base / the other had 4 round dots. The size/weight of this one is a little bigger/slightly heavier. The arms holding phone are a little deeper (if you have a larger type case.. I have a spigen and there is room for even thicker one.) They both do the same thing as for holding phone and being adjustable makes it nice. I was even able to put my 9″ tablet on it. Seems to be woking great so far (only been using it a week)

  31. 118

    by K***y

    I bought my first omoton stand when it was one of the lightning deals. It is awesome! I bought it to hold my phone so I could more easily see the clock screensaver while it charges overnight, but pretty soon, I started carrying it all over the house because it worked so well. I used it in the bathroom to keep my phone from getting wet and from taking up too much of the counter space when I played music while I was getting ready for the day. I used it in the kitchen to hold my phone while I used online recipes for cooking. I used it at the dining table to angle my Kindle so I could read during breakfast and dinner. I used it whenever I played music on my phone because the additional height helped carry my tunes and the upright angle made it easier to see what was playing. Before I knew it, I wanted another one. I keep one in the kitchen and one in my bedroom. I’ll probably want one for my desk at work, too. Love this little thing!

  32. 118

    by J***k

    Beautiful piece of work. Sturdy and stylish, the blush gold is the perfect shade for someone like me who detests pink. My old stand was damaging my charger cord because it’s profile was just too low, this multi adjustable stand is rigid enough for me to keep using the phone while it’s charging without holding it. You can reliably text, email or use social media without any wobbling and the 2 phone hooks are rubber padded so the phone won’t slip AND the hooks are spaced far enough from the phone that you can use the back button and the close all button unobstructed. The substantial rubber pad on the bottom very effectively keeps the phone stable on most any surface including bedding. I’ll probably be gifting this product to friends and family for holidays and birthdays.
    I’m rarely totally satisfied with an order, this one is ?%.

  33. 118

    by L****a

    What an excellent product! I only wish I had discovered it sooner. Especially as a senior, your stand allows for soooo much easier use of electronics. This sturdy stand allows me to adjust position while not only cradling my cell phone when charging, it allows the screen to be seen on a table or nightstand to view the incoming call or notification without having to pick up the phone. The stand easily holds steady while touching the screen and allows for hands free phone calls and viewing. Video calling and the ability to use this as a “third hand” to hold the phone while writing down messages or providing a safe place from spills on the kitchen counter while cooking makes this stand an invaluable find. I highly recommend this to anyone with a cell phone/tablet, the sturdy quality, slip proof grip and adjustable angle are perfect. I have even used it to hold a hand mirror leaving hands free to apply make up, grooming etc. No more struggling to reach for and pick up the phone from a flat surface with my older arthritic hands. I ordered one for my husband also. WE BOTH THANK YOU AGAIN!

  34. 118

    by T***r

    I wanted something to get my phone or tablet from taking up desk space, so I ordered this stand. It has done extreme well. I have one from another manufacture for several years and use that on my night stand so I though one on my desk would be helpful as well. This one is almost exactly the same as my older one except the older one is about an inch wider in both base, hinge and cradle. I have not had any problems with this tipping over with my phone or ipad mini, but the later , as you can see from the photos is probably the biggest thing you will want to hold in it. The build quality is really good. Its solid metal with a beefy hinge on it. The hinge is nice and tight, but not super hard to re-position. It would hold a lot more than a ipad mini weight wise, but size wise it would start getting in the dangerously tippy area. I give it five stars for function and build. Does exactly what its supposed to for a good price.

  35. 118

    by A****e

    I LOVE this cellphone stand! It was a game changer for my home office. Before, I’d prop my cell on the laptop edge, or book, or anything to access the mute button easier (and other functions). Living in the country, in a valley, I’d loose reception if I swiveled even a little in my chair, so I always had to ground the cell on my desktop. Now, my work cellphone is always at the perfect angle to access its functions in and out of a call; plus, the speaker is more vibrant, I guess because the sound is projected off of the desktop. The cellphone itself, is always accessible in it’s new, grounded home next to my monitor. Also, it’s so much better to see incoming calls and texts, even when I am a few feet away from the desk. Of all of the stands I looked at, I suspected this was the best rubberized base pad out there, and it turned out to be true. My wife has another brand, with small round rubber pads, and I noted mine was superior in not slipping. It’s extremely sturdy, and has the right amount of tension in it’s flip feature. The wide feet for the phone allows me to use it with my cell case on. It’s sturdy enough for my iPad, as well. I have been highly recommending it to my colleagues and friends. You can’t beat the function of this item for such an incredibly low price.

  36. 118

    by T****e

    Of all the Phone Stands I’ve tried this is the best one, adjustable, stays steady, nice finish and color easily assembled with 2 screws, if I was to suggest upgrades to it #1 I’d move our the two little lower tabs that hold the phone 1/8 inch, My Note 10 Plus Smart Phone in an Otterbox Case will not fit down inside them as is with a case, still pretty steady though.
    #2 Being as several of the latest top tier phones are 6.3 to 6.8 iches tall I’d double the height of the back piece for support, as is it doesnt support even half the height of my phone, still stable though.
    Bottom line I looked everywhere on the internet, at any price, with the exact model & dimensions of my phone with a case, and I couldnt find a better designed or made phone stand, than this one.
    Geez these guys should hire me !
    PS. It’s stable enough to tap or swipe the screen or squeeze side buttons on your phone without having to pick it up.

  37. 118

    by S***h

    • Perfect for video chatting, eliminating the stress placed on your hands and arms from constantly switching back and forth during long chat sessions, and providing a hands-free environment
    • Perfect for using it as a charging stand next to the bed side
    • No more struggling to lean the phone on the side of a wall during video chat, only to have it fall down moments later
    • Big bottom padding stabilizes the stand, preventing it from sliding and providing a sturdy foundation when adjusting the angle viewing point or during phone usage
    • Big bottom silicone soft pad prevents not only scratching the base of the stand, but also the base of where the stand is placed
    • Two leg silicone soft pads as well as the U-shaped pad prevents the bottom and back of the phone, or any device, from scratching and scuffs, while also providing a sturdy foundation to keep the device stabilized
    • Multiple viewing angles allows versatility to adapt to any environment, whether it’d be standing up, lying down, or just sitting, placing the screen exactly where desired
    • Two legs has ample spacing to fit most phones with thicker cases
    • Aluminum material is thick, strong, and durability is high, while also being fairly lightweight
    • Hole openings in the back-plate allows neat placement of charging cable or power cable

    • Viewing angle can be a little stiff to adjust
    • Hinge is tight, therefore prolong periods of usage in frequent viewing angle adjustments may loosen its tightness

  38. 118

    by D***n

    I’ve had several stands on my desk over the years for my phone and my biggest problem with all of them was that they would tip over when I would tap on the phone to pause a song or accept a call or whatever. And if I had a charging cable connected, it would make it even worst because my phone wouldn’t always sit all the way on the stand, it was kind of being held up by the cord. That’s one of the things that doesn’t happen with the Nulaxy stand. The fact that this stand has joints that allow you to customize the position of where you want to set is a huge plus in my opinion. I’m able to set the position of the stand to a point where the charging cable doesn’t interfere with how it sits on the stand. The joints are also not flimsy at all. They are sturdy enough where they do not move once you set them to a position you want but not so hard that you can’t move it to a different position if needed. Plus the rubber pieces at the bottom of the base also keep it from slipping around your desk, like I’ve seen with other stands. I’ve also used it with my mobile phone and my tablet and have had no issues with either. It’s sturdy enough to hold the weight of either devices.

    Another thing I’ve also really liked about this stand is that I can just fold it up and just toss it in my backpack. It’s very slim when it’s folded and very light (seems to be made out of aluminum). My only gripe here is that the hooks where the phone sit do extend out a little bit at the bottom and have scratched against something in my bag and did peel off some of the paint. But I’ve been able to just paint it over with some I have at home. Although it keeps happening over and over. But in my opinion, this is a small thing since the stand is very functional.

  39. 118

    by L***l

    ótimo. recomendo

  40. 118

    by Customer


  41. 118

    by E***v

    Хороший товар, быстрая доставка.

  42. 118

    by I***n

    Заказал сразу два- чОрных. До Кирова, что столица Кировской обл., дошло за 17 дней. Но надо сказать что если смарт/планшет толстый, то будет не так корректно стоять на нижних упорах. Они узкие… У меня Самсунг А50 в чехле, общая толщина 10мм. Уже ставиться не на плоскость нижних упоров, а вылазит на загнутую часть этих упоров. Без чехла самое то что доктор прописал.

  43. 118

    by K***r

    Very good phone holder

  44. 118

    by Y***v

    Super fast shipping

  45. 118

    by Customer

    yes, good

  46. 118

    by D***a

    Recebido e aprovado. 100 % qualidade, idêntico a foto. Recomendo demais

  47. 118

    by A***e

    very good quality of the product. also shipping in 2 weeks was also good despite of pandemic.. will buy more.

  48. 118

    by P***a

    Tudo ok, ótimo produto

  49. 118

    by R***a

    Быстро, качественно!

  50. 118

    by Customer

    Article qui répond au besoin, il fait l’affaire !

  51. 118

    by A***s

    Produto muito e bonito a qualidade me superou e envio rapido

  52. 118

    by M***s

    Heel snel ontvangen, prima kwaliteit

  53. 118

    by Customer


  54. 118

    by G***s

    Produto de boa qualidade, firma bem o celular e não fica caindo. Pensei que a altura fosse um pouco maior e o plastico parece que tem que ser puxado com cuidado para não quebrar, mas foi uma compra. Foi enviado rapidamente e bem embalado.

  55. 118

    by Customer

    Stevige uitvoering, voldoet boven verwachting. Binnen 2 weken ontvangen!

  56. 118

    by R***a

    rapido y esta bien

  57. 118

    by Customer

    great quality

  58. 118

    by P***a

    Excelente qualidade, e um ótimo acabamento, recomendado.

  59. 118

    by L***n

    Super, rien à dire. Il supporte IPhone/IPad mini et même le grand. Je conseille

  60. 118

    by V***a

    очень удобная и качественная подставка

  61. 118

    by G***a

    Produto muito bom, com qualidade que transmite confiança, material com partes ante derrapante!

  62. 118

    by B***r

    Very good product and fast delivery. Very good!

  63. 118

    by L***r

    Muito prático.

  64. 118

    by J***o


  65. 118

    by C***e

    Muito bom produto entrega super rápida.

  66. 118

    by V***r

    Expensive but worth it. Nice quality. Seems durable. Folds well.

  67. 118

    by E***a

    mercadoria perfeita muito boa empresa qualificada continuo comprando por que mantém a palavra e todo mundo que compra gosta muito

  68. 118

    by D***v

    Очень быстрая доставка!Удобная штука!

  69. 118

    by A***a

    Produto excelente! Exatamente como a foto, os materiais utilizados são muito bem acabados, corresponde a toda descrição e ilustrações apresentadas. Bastante resistente, rígido, fixa e equilibra bem o celular em diferentes ângulos e alturas. Aparência bonita. Recomendo o produto!

  70. 118

    by M***a

    В восторге! Незаменимая штука. Крепкая и качественная. Доставка молния.

  71. 118

    by Customer

    O suporte é muito bom. A inclinação é totalmente regulável e, também bem firme. Recomendo.

  72. 118

    by S***A

    Tal y como se describe. Buena calidad de materiales. Llegó en 8 días

  73. 118

    by B***k

    Good store fast shipping

  74. 118

    by R***r

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  85. 118

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