Indestructible Bubble Ball

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The Amazing Bubble Ball is where the fun is!

Your kids will play with it for hours!



It’s perfect for parties, on the trampoline, and in the backyard. 

You can even use the bubble ball inside the house for wintertime or rainy-day fun (but be careful to not break anything!).

It’s super strong and indestructible for hours of laughter and entertainment for kids and adults alike.




Designed with the incredibly-strong and durable material known as Xpandium.

This ball is self-sealing so you don’t have to struggle with trying to tie a knot on such a massive object. It’s safer that way, right?

Easily fill and reuse this ball, over and over. Time after time.

It’s environmentally safe, and made with no BPAs, PVC, or latex.


Feel free to kick, punch, and jump on it without fear of it breaking or tearing.

The ball wobbles, rolls, floats, dribbles, spins, and more!

It can easily be deflated when you’re finished playing for easy storage.


Size: 70cm / 27.56 inches



1 × Amazing Bubble Ball

1 × Blowing Tube   


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36 Reviews For This Product

  1. 36

    by Nicole Y.

    Nice stuff! Recommend this

  2. 36

    by Allison R.

    wonderful very well made

  3. 36

    by Tom D.

    thanks, is amazing!

  4. 36

    by Liam S.

    was packed carefully. loved it

  5. 36

    by Jessica C.

    is of an excellent quality, just as expected

  6. 36

    by Matthew M.

    For any type of budget is a nice option

  7. 36

    by Rachel L.

    The store offers the cheapest online. Nice buy!

  8. 36

    by Harry N.

    is resonable priced and store is really nice in general

  9. 36

    by Matthew J.

    really happy with the purchase and the store

  10. 36

    by Amber E.

    With such a low cost, has an excellent quality

  11. 36

    by Amber W.

    Such a good item for sale in a really reputable shop!

  12. 36

    by Robert H.

    Delivered in good condition. Beautiful color!

  13. 36

    by Linda Y.

    For such a low cost, is great. Thanks to the seller!

  14. 36

    by Amanda M.

    safely packaged , respect to the store

  15. 36

    by Olivia Y.

    These are a lot of fun. The more you use them, the more they wear and rip. Tears occur at the seams near the top.

  16. 36

    by Kevin W.

    My son loves to play with these. They have a very intriguing feel. Easy to use and reuse.

  17. 36

    by Evan B.

    Great price, we know the product from the summer. Fun idea, both 2 yr old and 8 yr old like them.

  18. 36

    by William P.

    this is the only thing my grandson asked me for as a birthday gift! he loved them!!

  19. 36

    by Rachel P.

    Very fun my grandson and I love them we use w water or just blow them up

  20. 36

    by Fiona S.

    Fun, durable product! Highly recommend for any age! We used them heavily last summer as they are reusable so we bought some more this year!!

  21. 36

    by David P.

    My grandson loves them! It was a gift as he kept asking for them and he’s been having tons of fun with them.
    We bought two colors with the pumps.

  22. 36

    by Sara B.

    The ball was stronger than I expected. My grandson and his brother and sister are giving it a good workout. The ball is providing hours of fun. I am very happy with this ball.

  23. 36

    by Melissa M.

    Love these crazy water balloons! All the kids at the neighborhood pool loved to play with them. Hours of fun!
    Beware that they do tear relatively easily!

  24. 36

    by Michelle S.

    Kids love for the pool!! The are reusable water balloons. They expand to get HUGE!! They’re a hit every summer!! I replace each year because they get ‘gummy’ over winter.

  25. 36

    by Michelle T.

    My son got this for his birthday, so far so good! I wonder if people have issues with tears because they overfill it? It’s been on grass, rocks, cement… No problem!

  26. 36

    by Marie F.

    My six-year-old daughter loves this thing. We’ve been playing with it outside for a good 30 minutes and it has not popped yet. Very very good toy.

  27. 36

    by Robert W.

    Bought these for my grandkids that were coming to visit me and they have been a hit with all of them, ages 5 – 11. They hold up well to various fills and stretches. Today my grandsons took them to the beach and everyone passing by wanted to know what they were. Great fun!

  28. 36

    by Sean S.

    I first saw these when a YouTuber demoed them and I though they’d be fun for my teenage boys. They are indeed reusable, and self sealing. No more picking up tiny pieces of water balloons from all over the yard. These are incredibly durable!

  29. 36

    by Kevin H.

    We get these every year my kids use them to the max… they have the most fun playing with them in the pool. They are always a hit at parties and as gifts! They do break but usually after my kids overload them with water and float on them in the pool for hours!!

  30. 36

    by David P.

    These were the favorite pool toy of the season for my five-year-old, three-year-old and one-year-old. Older kids wanted to borrow them in the pool too. There are lots of fun and I will be getting them again next year. Great gift idea too!

  31. 36

    by Maggie P.

    Super cool. My kids hate regular water balloons because I make them pick up every piece of rubber left afterwards. These allow the fun of water balloons without the environmental impact. They feel like breast implants before you fill them. The outside is soft and they are easy to refill.

  32. 36

    by Thomas H.

    I love these… my 6 year old can fill them even. There is very little mess. They can get holes in them, but ours have lasted and lasted. You can even set them in a bucket of water and they will fill up “some.”

  33. 36

    by Harry F.

    these are soooo fun!! Got them for a pool party & they were a hit! Definately will be my go-to gift for birthday parties this summer! Very easy to fill too, a few popped but the kids filled them waaaaay too full ~ came with 8 balloons 🙂

  34. 36

    by Harry N.

    As other customers have said if using as a water balloon battle. Not so much fun. However have your kids bring them to the pool and watch the fun. Kids from 1-20 couldn’t wait to get their hands on one. Kids have so much fun! The blue ones is hard to see in pool nut that seems to add to the fun.

  35. 36

    by Amber E.

    My toddler son LOVES this thing! I do have to add that the pump absolutely does not work..I was so sad to think our wubble wasn’t inflating because it had a hole or leak.. until I left the valve in it, disconnected the pump, and blew it up the rest of the way with my lungs.. (take a second to push your tongue in the valve for breaks so you don’t pass out) then once we got it blown up the rest of the way the pump went in the trash. Otherwise great product! My son just has a blast with it, such a simple way to have a TON of fun! He also has a fuzzy wubble, and that’s been great, too.

  36. 36

    by Bradley M.

    My 8 year old used some birthday money to purchase this product. I saw one review that recommended NOT TO OVER INFLATE the ball. We followed that advice and have had my 8 year old daughter, her 9 and 5 year brothers and every kid that comes over, playing with this thing for the last 10 days! So far we have only had fun with it. They sit on it, jump on it, launch one another from it, etc. We don’t take it outside, hoping to avoid punctures. The key seems to be NOT TO OVER INFLATE. The bubble ball should be “squishy” and pliable. If you place a hand on each side of the ball, you should be able to press your palms together with some, but not too much resistance. This recommendation is based on our family’s experience. I hope that it helps.

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Indestructible Bubble Ball

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