Multifunctional Cleaning Slime

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Multifunctional Cleaning Slime

CLEAN ANYTHING – This slime cleans any surface of your home in addition to high-tech office equipment like keyboards and sections of your car interior like the air vents. It can reach spots and gaps and penetrate into any corner for a deep, thorough clean.

ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS – Made of biodegradable, eco-friendly glue that’s not sticky, this cleaning glue is extremely user friendly. A light lemon-fresh fragrance leaves a just-cleaned scent wherever you use it. (Note: the cleaning slime is not safe to eat, so PLEASE KEEP IT AWAY FROM CHILDREN)

REUSABLE – Use this versatile slime over and over without ever needing to reach for a paper towel or cleaning wipe. When you’re done cleaning, just put the slime back in its box and keep it in a cool place. Once the slime starts turning a dark color, you’ll know it’s time to throw it away and repurchase. (NOTE: Don’t wash the slime with water).

MULTI-PURPOSE FOR MORE CLEANING – Perfect for your computer keyboard, phone, keys, iPad, TV remote, video game console, speakers, fan grill, air conditioning vent, car air vent, automobile dashboard, window sill, and more. Use on just about anything and everything.

Car Cleaner Glue Panel Air Vent Outlet Dashboard Laptop Keyboard Cleaning Tool Mud Remover Car Gap Dust Dirt Cleaner Soft Gel



✅ Soft and easy to use.

✅ Picks up dust and dirt from computer keyboards, mobile phones,  printers, and more.

✅ Does not leave residue, keeps your hands clean, disinfects surfaces.

✅ Catches dirt and kills over 80% of germs.

✅ Environmentally-friendly, 95% biodegradable.

✅ Can be used many times until the cleaning compound turns a dark color.



Material: Glue

Color: Random

Size: 17 x 11.5 cm / 6.7 x 4.53″

Car Cleaner Glue Panel Air Vent Outlet Dashboard Laptop Keyboard Cleaning Tool Mud Remover Car Gap Dust Dirt Cleaner Soft Gel

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keyboard glue

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Computer Keyboard Car Cleaning Glue




Vacuum Cleaner


Keyboard, car cleaning mud.

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52 Reviews For This Product

  1. 52

    by B***n

    Thanks for the work, everything came in good quality, I’ll rate 5 stars.

  2. 52

    by L***a

    Cool , quality matches the description.

  3. 52

    by A***r

    using this for a couple of days already. just as described!

  4. 52

    by S***e

    Color of excellent as the photo, thank you so much!!!

  5. 52

    by F***a

    Good quality of , i’m impressed

  6. 52

    by S***e

    Probably the lowest price for available in a lovely webstore!

  7. 52

    by M***w

    discount for is a great. i’m going to order it again as i was extremely satisfied with the purchase the last time

  8. 52

    by M***w

    have just received my order. thank you very much!

  9. 52

    by T***s

    Buying online has never been more convenient and satisfying. thanks to the seller for creating the best experience!

  10. 52

    by O***r

    Fast and safe delivery. Great material. Recommend this product! thanks!

  11. 52

    by M***w

    With or without any discount, is a top quality must-have

  12. 52

    by K***e

    is a great purchase. I’m glad I bought it here.

  13. 52

    by J***y

    is awesome, you have my 100% positive feedback

  14. 52

    by A***n

    is even cooler than i expected

  15. 52

    by A***a

    another great order of ! no problems

  16. 52

    by T***r

    I strongly believe that the best online is available in this very shop. I seriously tried looking it up elsewhere, but failed

  17. 52

    by T***r

    as for my experience, is really worth ordering

  18. 52

    by J***r

    probably one of the best deals i made. thanks to the store!

  19. 52

    by M***w

    it was a bit difficult to find a on such a low price. but thanks to the store owner now i’m happier than ever

  20. 52

    by D***d

    Fast shipping, quality is excellent!!!

  21. 52

    by M***e

    It’s really effective! I can not only clean the cracks and corners in the car, but also remove the hair debris from the cracks in the corners of my home, where I need to stick. After use, it can be used again after a period of time, but it is not unlimited.

  22. 52

    by A***n

    This is perfect for keyboard and car cleaning. All kinds of dust and powder trash should be sucked up and cleaned. Much more convenient than a vacuum cleaner. This brand is used for the first time. This packaging is more convenient than plastic bags.

  23. 52

    by E***h

    I didn’t expect too much but these things surprise me it was great in my car. Clean every corners in my car, it also works to clean the keyboard!

  24. 52

    by F***a

    Product felt a little loose when I first tried it but then quickly became manageable. I found the product to be very effective and I wou I’d buy it again.

  25. 52

    by K***y

    It is very stretchy and so easy to deep clean the vents, bottom of the gear shifts and other unreachable places in my car. It also worked well to clean my keyboard.

  26. 52

    by S***n

    It can stick out dust from corners I can’t reach. I ran a little test when I received the item. It turns out can clean my keyboard very efficiently. Recommend!

  27. 52

    by A***a

    I bought this cleaning gel after I saw it in an add on social media. At the beginning I thought it wasn’t worth it but after I tried it it turned out very helpful and efficient. It really cleaned my car and you reached places that are very hard to reach. Also you can use it dozens of times before you have to get a new one.

  28. 52

    by D***k

    Fast shipping.
    I really loved it.
    You can cut it by hand to pieces so you don’t use the whole thing which I prefer, so when the piece you have in hand gets dirty you can throw it away and start with the second
    I loved how it cleans and doesn’t leave a trace or anything.
    Highly recommend it ??

  29. 52

    by F***e

    This stuff is GREAT! I never thought to buy goo to clean my car but I wish I would have started by now. If you want a detailed clean that is simple and can get in the smallest places then this guy will be your best friend! Will repurchase when I run out!

  30. 52

    by L***m

    Great product, especially for asthma sufferers like myself! All the dust is absorbed into the gel, instead of being released into the air. I’ve dusted intricate things I was never able to get into before!

  31. 52

    by T***m

    This thing is amazing and addictive to use. It is unbelievable how well this works. It feels wet to the touch but, it doesn’t leave any residue and it pulls the dirt right off and out of the crevices of your car.

  32. 52

    by A***a

    This product is easy to use in small places because it can conform to the area used. I’ve been using it for awhile and will certainly buy another in the near future. Since it’s fairly new, I don’t know just yet how many uses I’ll be able to get out of it. I could see right away where it was working. Even using a vacuum in some of the crevices didn’t help so this was great because I could use it with my hands, fingers or the assistance of like the rounded part of a pen with this item around it.

  33. 52

    by T***s

    I was looking at cleaning supplies and came across this gel thingy. I thought what the heck I’ll try it. I was really surprised at how well it cleaned my computer keyboard and then the vents in my car & truck. I am pleased with the service and other than price I’m happy with the purchase.

  34. 52

    by L***a

    I didn’t know what to expect as I had bought similar products before that cost less and where in a pouch. When using them they would shed little pieces as you were using them. This is pliable, well packaged and works well to get into all the crevices of the dashboard and console of my car. Happy with this purchase!

  35. 52

    by A***e

    I read the mixed reviews but bought it anyway. I am a car fanatic and clean freak. I love this product it works exactly as it is suppose too. As for the reviews that say it falls apart if you run it under water… the directions specifically say do not run it under water. There is no need to do so anyway. the purpose of the product is to pick up debris and it does just that. I would highly recommend

  36. 52

    by H***y

    Cleaning gel is easy to use. It sticks all the dust out of my keyboard. I also used this to try to clean my car. It does a pretty good job. However, I question how many I can use this until I have to throw it away. I will do some updates if I have some results. It might have some cheaper in the market, but I think it’s good for it’s value.

  37. 52

    by D***d

    I never really thought anything of these gels. They just looked like overpriced kids’ slime but it really makes it easy to clean out all the little edges and crevices in your car. I first vacuumed like I usually do, did a once over with a wet cloth and even used another car detailing brush to clean out the big stuff and the main dirt. But there’s always those little crumbs at the bottom of the cup holders and in the little phone tray that I can never get perfectly cleaned. With this, I can say that I finally got my car cleaned exactly how I wanted it. Not a single crumb or speck of dirt left anywhere on my dash, vents, center console, cup holders, door handles, control panel or steering wheel console! I love how this actually picks up and absorbs the dirt and not just “dusts” it around. It’s like using a wet cloth that has sticking powers to it. One small thing it didn’t quite get was in a small gap near my gear shift. The gel somehow just got stuck instead of picking up and cleaning it out. For that spot, I used a stiff small detailing brush. Other than that, I would say that this does serve an actual function for car detailing that no other tool, cloth or brush can do. I think the price is a little high but oh well. I’d probably only have to use it once a month so if it lasts me a year then that would probably make it worth it for me.

  38. 52

    by R***r

    Чистит посредственно. Второй точно не буду заказывать. Отправили почтой, шёл полтора месяца во Владивосток.

  39. 52

    by S***i

    Item is as described; Great Seller! Very Fast shipping, Thank You!

  40. 52

    by A***a

    Коробка слишком маленькая. Но ребенок в восторге.

  41. 52

    by J***w

    its the same slime we had as kids re purposed

  42. 52

    by O***S

    Ca colle aussi aux doigts

  43. 52

    by U***g

    Интересная штучка, только очень маленький.Продавец хороший быстро отправил,и быстрая доставка.

  44. 52

    by R***S

    parecía más grande pero por el precio está bastante bien

  45. 52

    by G***e

    Just as described

  46. 52

    by L***e


  47. 52

    by T***a

    Три баночки заказала. Шли 20-ть дней. Это очень быстро. Одна баночка треснула по всем швам, наверное бульдозер почтовый проехался по баночке. Содержимое из баночки вылилось в пакет перепачкав все три баночки. Пришлось собирать, пакет целый и содержимое осталось в пакете. К продавцу нет притензий. Хорошего продавца обижать не стану, ставлю плюсы. Баночки размером меньше, чем ожидала. Единственый из многих продавцов кому заказала этот продукт, выслал товар так быстро. Другие либо совсем не высылают, либо жду по пол года.

  48. 52

    by S***v


  49. 52

    by A***o


  50. 52

    by I***

    Very good

  51. 52

    by A***e


  52. 52

    by R***r

    Не смотрите на фото: на самом деле баночка маленькая. Объём соответствует заявленному.

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Multifunctional Cleaning Slime

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