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Your cooking assistant for easier (faster) meal prep.

Simplify dinner time with our premium-quality vegetable slicer, designed to rest your hands and more efficiently slice and dice ingredients for salads, stir-fry, and sandwiches alike.




Practical And Easy To Use: Cut all kinds of vegetables, grate cheese, and slice fruits into beautiful, even sizes in seconds. Grate, chop, mash, and shape your ingredients with one versatile chopper tool.

The Best Cuts Around: With seven different stainless steel blades, discover a variety of prep solutions for your fruits and vegetables. Whip up sandwiches, sauces, and salads in a flash! And you won’t need any additional knives or tools; our chopper is your all-in-one solution.

A Must-Have Tool: From newlyweds to new apartment owners, this lean cutting machine is a great gift that will surely be appreciated. Gift the luxury of saved time from painstakingly cutting ingredients for lunch or dinner or snack time. Busy parents will appreciate it, aspiring chefs will absolutely love it.

Clean & Store In a Flash: Clean the blades and cutting unit with dish detergent and water per usual. Plus, with side storage for all the blades, you can keep everything for this vegetable cutter in one place. No mess, no stress.

Color: Green + Grey


Package includes:

 1 x 14 x 14 mm / 0.55 x 0.55 inch and 7 x 7 mm / 0.28 x 0.28 inch Dicer Blade

1 x Grater Blade

1 x 4mm x 3mm / 0.16 x 0.11 inch Shred Blade

1 x 2 mm / 0.08 inch Slicer Blade

1 x Waffle Blade

1 x Egg Separator

1 x Drain Basket

1 x Hand Guard


Your kitchen assistant awaits – buy it now!

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Multifunction vegetable cutter/slicer/chopper

fit for

vegetable, fruit, ginger, garlic


chopper, slicer, cutter, grinder,


dark grey and green/white and green




Fruit & Vegetable Tools





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Shredders & Slicers

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128 Reviews For This Product

  1. 128

    by F***k

    This is a must if you want smaller diced tomatoes for pico de gallo. I used spend a fair amount of time dicing tomatoes for tacos and pico. This device has made my life so much easier. I just slice a Roma tomatoes in half (long ways) pop it In and press down. Tomatoe sliced in 30 seconds from start to finish. I have been using for the past year and have not had any problems. Cleanup is a not difficult, not as easy as I would like, but it is nothing to bad. Really only takes like 2 or 3 minutes and you’re done.

  2. 128

    by A***a

    I am amazed at how quickly this veggie chopper has become part of my food preparation. I use it on a regular basis to chop carrots, radishes, cucumbers, zucchini, potatoes, cooked beets, and turn one or a combination of them into ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook form. It’s pretty sturdy, too. The blades are quite sharp, necessarily so, so take caution when handling them. On my unit the tiny two-part plastic slider that locks the blades in place came apart and I need to figure out how to reinsert it. But the unit works quite well without this piece. Much recommended.

  3. 128

    by R***l

    So excited to get this today. Used it to slice potatoes for frying and easily changed the blade to chop a variety of vegetables for a chopped salad — it worked great. Next test will be to chop a bunch of onions for the freezer. It was easy to clean and won’t take up much space to store in a handy kitchen drawer. It appears to be sturdy and I hope if I don’t get to carried away by putting too large pieces of veggies in it, it’ll last me a long time. Good value for the price and I like that I don’t have to plug it in.

  4. 128

    by J***r

    I am impressed with the sturdiness and quality of this slicer! Usually things like this are somewhat flimsy but not this device. The plastic feels dense and sturdy and the blades, which are the real workers n the product, are made of quality metal mounted in a frame that will give them the support they need for slicing/dicing. It’s easy to disassemble and clean, for which a brush is included. You can change the knife grid for either of two sizes of dice. One is perfect for soup, the other for hot dogs or sandwiches. This is a purchase about which I feel very good.

  5. 128

    by D***k

    I ordered this chopper in the hope that it would be a more durable unit than others I have had and used. I was amazed at the construction of the product. Truly a heavy duty chopper that has met all my expectations. I used it yesterday, the day I received and it preformed flawlessly. Cleanup was a snap. I would recommend this product to anyone who chops a lot of onions and doesn’t want all the tears. An awesome chopper.

  6. 128

    by A***r

    My sister highly recommended this item after hearing that I was chopping onions by hand. I have only used it once, and I am already impressed. The plastic is so thick and strong that the bottom part feels like glass. I was hesitant with the first chunk of onion, but after I pressed it down the first time and heard that satisfying “whump”, I knew it could chop up anything in my kitchen. The chopping area is too small for half of a large vegetable, so many things will have to be quartered, but it doesn’t take any more time as it will chop as fast as you can feed it. I think I will dice onions as I get them and freeze the small dices to use as I need. No more tears.

  7. 128

    by A***n

    Works well to make uniform size onion pieces for cooking – out of the box I diced 3 onions that ultimately went into 3 dishes – made it possible to cook all 3 without the drudgery of prepping the onion 3 times. Cleaning the tool was OK- I cleaned it by hand and did not use the dishwasher or the little brush that came with the device – those may make it easier than what I experienced. Also, the chopper space is a little limited, so I found best results were from thinner slices of onion and more times of chopping – making it a little more work than I expected. But overall very useful and gave me a headstart in cooking multiple dishes – which is frequent now that we are all home.

  8. 128

    by M***w

    My 8 and 11 year-olds love to help in the kitchen, but letting them cut up onions and some other things still makes me nervous and/or has left us with some cuts. I bought this thinking it would be an easy way to get them involved with dinner that wouldn’t require as much oversight from me, but now I am obsessed. I have great knife skills after years of practice, but this creates such uniform results that I find myself reaching for it for my own use too. It is also great for canning season when there is so much chopping to do. I highly recommend this as an addition to your kitchen – kids or no!

  9. 128

    by M***e

    With my arthritis and trigger finger, was afraid this would be difficulty to use. It is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to set up. So much better than dicing by hand, which I have done for over 50 ears. I purchased a 10 lb bag of large onions and chopping them up was a breeze. Used my food saver to bag the onions and put them in the freezer for when I am ready to use. Quickly washed my chopper and it was ready for the next time. Love the little brush that comes with it. Makes sure the device is thoroughly cleaned.

  10. 128

    by T***s

    I have been looking for an onion and veggie chopper for a while. I purchased one from Bed, Bath and Beyond last year but returned it because it did not work well. It was flimsy and I having to push down on the lever was gruesome. This product is perfect! I can chop my onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms quickly. I love the sturdiness of this product, not flimsy at all. You may have to cut the onions and bell pepper in half so it will fit on the chopper. I did cut the tips of my fingers on the dicer so be careful when lifting the top off. It is easy to clean but you will have to take it apart to make sure all of the chopped veggies are cleared. I plan to purchase one for my mother and sister. Highly recommend.

  11. 128

    by E***h

    I had a chopper i had for years. It finally broke, and had to find a new one. I hate finding replacements for loved tools because nothing ever seems to live up. This one is amazing. I love the design. it keeps food in place while you chop it. it is nice and sturdy,and has a big catch bin. Pieces pop out for easy cleaning. I also love how the blades are elevated a bit over the bin so stuff doesn’t get smashed when it starts getting full. and I love the slanted design. it helps absorb the force of you pressing on the top. I even love it better than my other beloved chopper.

  12. 128

    by M***w

    I’ve had mine for about 2-1/2 months and use it once or twice a week….Wow. Makes *very* short work of chopping onions. I am not skilled with knives, and have always been disappointed with how I dice and cube. I’ve tried other tools that are supposed to be multi-use (slicing/shedding/cubing/dicing). Some have been fine with some functions, but none has diced or cubed well. This one does: quickly, easily, and tearlessly. So far, I’ve used it only for onions, but if the quality and durability last, I’ll be satisfied if that’s all I ever use it for. (As soup season nears, I’ll undoubtedly try it with potatoes and carrots. When I do, I’ll revisit this review if necessary.)

  13. 128

    by D***l

    I chop a lot of onions, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots….. This thing works perfect and has a consistent size so everything cooks at the same rate. All i have to do is wash the veggies and cut them in large pieces and the lever action type cutter really is easy to do. My 9 year old grand daughter loves helping as long as she gets to use the chopper! I hand wash the chopper-it is easy. Just be careful with the sharp edges of the cutter! Everything can fit right back inside container to be easily stored inside the cutter when not in use!

  14. 128

    by N***e

    I bought this because I have been meal planning and cutting up veggies is my worst nightmare that is until I found this little gem. It cuts down prep time by more than half. The clean up is super easy too. Before this, I used a food processor but would always get discouraged because of the clean up. This is easy and the onions fall neatly into the bottom half of the chopper. I would highly recommend to anyone. I now make my egg salads and pico de gallo in half the time. The only negative thing I could say is that for the onions or anything a little more on the hard side, you will have to put a little force but I found that slamming my hand onto it chops it quick and easy.

  15. 128

    by J***a

    A friend had a unit similiar to this but he didn’t know the name. So I chose what I thought was the best. WOW! Unbelievable how easy it cuts through CARROTS (hard), celery, and onions…which I hate chopping because of the tears and strong odor. I was totally pleased. Also cleaned up with minimal effort. Very nice and compact unit. I am very happy I purchased this and will use it whenever I can.

  16. 128

    by A***n

    At first I had a bit of a problem changing the blade, trying to be extremely careful, knowing full well that it’s SO SO SHARP, but I figured it out and got it done! Once I was able to overcome that small problem everything was great! Those sharp blades made short work of the chopping jobs I put them to so I am very happy with my new chopper and looking forward to my next recipe that needs chopped something (apples, maybe?) Also, must mention how sturdy this chopper is relative to previous choppers I’ve had. I can tell this one will LAST unlike the other ones which I had to toss in the trash because they turned out to be so FLIMSY! VERY HAPPY WITH MY PURCHASE!

  17. 128

    by S***n

    i really liked this product wish I would of purchased earlier ,I liked the way it handled it cut really quick threw my vegies and it had a compartment so your food can fall in was made great so far holding up I have used it several times already and only had it 3 weeks. on sturdiness I would of gave 5 stars instead of 4 but im going to wait and see on how it holds up a couple of months from now

  18. 128

    by A***r

    My mom absolutely loves this chopper. She is an avid cook and cooks 2 meals everyday that involve chopping onions. I have been gifting onion choppers to my mom for the last 4 years. Initially I had bought the chopper from a different company which broke quite easily. However, this one is much more sturdy and my mother is very happy with it. My mom also uses this chopper for ginger, carrots and some squashes. She mentioned that the blades and body of this chopper is much better than the previous brand.

  19. 128

    by R***t

    I have purchased all sorts of onion choppers in the past, but this one really works. It is easy to use, chop, clean, and store. I have rheumatoid arthritis in both hands and it is very difficult for me to chop things up at times. This was a godsend when I found this product. I have had it for a month and am still really happy with it. One note though: it is not a toy and the blades in the two discs are SHARP! Be careful when you go to wash them. I do not have a dishwasher so I have to wash them by hand. This is not a negative reflection on the product at all! I wasn’t paying attention when I cleaned the chopper the first of couple of times. I recommend this product. It’s not a piece of cheap junk. It’s solidly made, and it is safe, and very effective. 🙂

  20. 128

    by C***y

    This is a great chopper. I agree with the other 5 star reviews here. What I would like to add to this review thread is a complaint several users are having and posting negative reviews. The hinge that holds the top gray piece to the bottom clear tray can appear to be broken. My wife experienced that and was about to go back to her old chopper when she figured it out. If you take the top gray piece and turn it upside down you will see a small lever on the hinged end. When you move this lever up or down it either engages or disengages the hinge. It is rather easy once you see it. Disengaging the hinge allows for it to separate into two pieces so it fits better in the dishwasher.

  21. 128

    by M***a

    I’m thrilled with this chopper. I was in charge of bringing diced tomatoes for our family gathering of 45+ people. Usually the most unpleasant task. This chopper made it quick work! I was worried it would squish all the stuffins out of the tomato, leaving a mess. But it worked like a charm. Magic, almost. And I didn’t dread the cleanup, either. Anxious to make this gadget a staple in my kitchen life, as I love fresh salsa and use diced vegetables in many dishes.

  22. 128

    by R***l

    The chopper is easy to use, sturdy, and super easy to clean. This is the perfect chopper for chopping onions. I can chop onions and bag them in plastic bags and put them into the freezer to use them as a time saver when I’m cooking. I used to chop onions in my food processor, but there would be a lot of onion juice so the onions would freeze into a block. With this chopper, the onions don’t emit a lot of juice so no sticking together.

  23. 128

    by T***m

    I got this as a Christmas present for my husband for Xmas. I was actually the first one to try it out. I made fried diced potatoes with our dinner tonight and decided to try out the chopper to save time. I’m in love with it and will probably end up using it more than he does. I was able to chop 3 large potatoes in less than 2 minutes. It’s also very easy to manually clean and can go in the top rack of the dishwasher which I love. Overall a wonderful addition to the kitchen and I’m so happy I found it.

  24. 128

    by D***l

    I am not a gadget person but I like to make salad & hate to chop veggies so I ordered this hoping it might inspire me. The first day I got this I made a HUGE bowl of tuna salad with lots of celery, apples & onions in just minutes. You have to cut the veg just small enough to fit in which I was lazy about & I was pleasantly surprised It doesn’t take alot of force to push them through the dicer . I love that the bottom holder can hold a lot of chopped vegetables which saves the hassle of constantly dumping out & putting together. clean up was a cinch . Love this thing.

  25. 128

    by S***a

    This has saved my hand ! It takes little to no time now to make chopped salads which my family loves and was spending money on buying at the deli. Now I make three times the amount for a fraction of the cost and I know it’s fresh and clean. Super easy to use
    Original item arrived and it broke before I had a chance to use it. Emailed company and in two days I had a free replacement. Amazing customer service and a great product. I will be buying one for everyone on my holiday list!!

  26. 128

    by M***a

    This is a plastic Chopper which is great for chopping up an onion, but can be used on other hard vegetables, handy for making chopped salad ingredients! There are five parts on this device, the two different slicing grids, brush to help with cleaning, the actual device and clear container to hold the finished product. It was very easy to assemble, including taking apart for cleaning. I will definitely continue using this product in my food preparation. I easpevually like how it cut down on the amount of tears that I typically got from chopping onions by hand – saved time and tears!

  27. 128

    by T***s

    With this purchase I came across a rare combination, Excellent product and outstanding customer service. I tried other vegetable choppers and food processors. Off all those this is the best. Cutting vegetables like onion, carrot, potato, cabbage etc is very easy and cleaning is easy too.. Be cautious the blades are sharp and don’t discriminate between fingers and vegetables. I like this product and recommend this.

  28. 128

    by J***y

    I’ve had this onion chopper for a couple of months and it gets used several times a week for various veggies. It is amazing. I bought one for my mom for Christmas and decided to get one for myself after a cheaper version broke on me. This chops evenly and quickly without a significant amount of pressure, has the capacity to hold one onion or bell pepper – maybe two if they are small and cleans fairly easily. Blades are still super sharp and it still chops as well as it did initially. My kids argue over who gets to chop veggies since we got this! Even my 3 y/o can push down hard enough to chop most things.

  29. 128

    by S***e

    I HATE chopping onions. I actually hate eating onions, too, but they’re easy enough to pick around. The chopping is what really gets me. My eyes always tear up and it’s painful. I’ve tried chewing gum and running water and all the old wives’ tales they tell you, but nothing really worked. Until this. It’s got a solid base, and lets you dice veggies like those dreaded onions with ease. It’s great for kids to help in the kitchen, or maybe those with arthritis who can’t chop as well with a chef’s knife. It’s easy to clean (just throw it int he dishwasher) and it comes with two different sizes of choppers. I was pleasantly surprised.

  30. 128

    by G***e

    I love this chopper. It definitely is sharp, but it has to be in order to cut through vegetables. It even cuts tomatoes. Someone mentioned putting the meaty part of the vegetable down and the peel up. That is great advice. Definitely don’t touch the blades with your fingers! Don’t let your kids play with this – it is sharp enough to cut vegetables, so it will definitely cut little fingers. We found this out the hard way.

  31. 128

    by B***n

    I hate leaving reviews but I must say that this cooking tool is amazing. The blades are sharp and cut my prep time down by more than half. I recommend cutting most vegetables in half before you use this. shockingly it even Cuts potatoes with ease. I have and will continue to recommend this product to friends and family.

  32. 128

    by L***a

    Every year my family makes a recipe for the holidays that requires 12 large onions chopped up. I’m the guy that usually does the chopping. My son had broken my onion goggles a few weeks ago by slamming them in the drawer so I was looking to order a new pair when I stumbled across this product. Wow! What a serendipitous discovery. This thing is amazing.

  33. 128

    by A***n

    Well I just got it and immediately used it. It cut precooked sirloin medium rare steaks from sams club (by the way smiths sirloins tastes way better), celery, bell pepper, and onion. Added merlot wine, a bit of pot roast seasoning (mainly flour), garlic of course, salt and pepper, teryaki sauce, soy sauce. I honestly think i cooked it in like 15 minutes no more. Delicious. Absolutely loved the texture of the food although would be nice if they included one more larger hole cutter. This tool reduced my time by half and made everything MUCH easier and MUCH funner. Will see how the longevity is. I will change my review if not.

  34. 128

    by D***d

    I’ve only used this once…since it just arrived yesterday. There are some foods I love to eat but just hate preparing. It takes me a long time to dice and I like finely diced veggies. I love chopped salads but unless I am making enough to feed an army, it’s not worth using the food processor. I made a chopped salad with this thing in a matter of minutes. While it’s true I had to cut the veggies so they would fit, that is not an issue at all. Clean-up was a breeze. I have a beautiful chopped salad waiting for me. I ordered two, hoping I would like it. One goes in the motorhome. I will use this a lot. I am going to take this to my mother (85 years old) to see if she can use it. Arthritis makes dicing veggies difficult for her. If she can use it, I’ll order one for her as well.

  35. 128

    by K***y

    This is my fourth chopper in four years. I wore two out and bought a third that just didn’t work. I need a chopper because I cook lots and have gotten spoiled by the convenience of a veggie chopper. I read every review for every chopper because I was determined to get the right one – after the disappointment of the last one. I ordered the Mueller and decided to give it a big workout and to send it right back if it was another disappointment.

    I made a big pot of Summer squash soup which involved chopping two onions, one leek and two squash. This little beauty flew through the whole ordeal. And the two choices of sizes made it great to go from onions (small) to squash (large). Another feature that I love is the removable pusher – usually a tough thing to clean. My last choppers had stationary pushers that meant cleaning them with a brush. This one comes out and goes right into the dishwasher. Oh yeah – I got as winner!!!!

  36. 128

    by M***w

    I use it regularly to chop many different kinds of vegetables, including onions, celery, mushrooms and carrots. Works well for apples too. I find that it is a terrific time saver. I was concerned that some reviewers said theirs broke soon after purchasing. Mine so far doesn’t seem at all prone to that. It seems like it is very well made. Whether this one is better than the other higher profile brand, I don’t know, but my buying instincts told me that this one probably was the best.

    I was also concerned it might be more trouble to wash it than it is worth in convenience, as some have said. Not the case for me. It admittedly can be slightly challenging getting all the food pieces out of the chopper parts, but the nylon bristle brush that comes with it makes it a relatively easy job. I have used my chopper almost daily for several weeks now. I am actually finding that I’m more eager to cook since getting this thing.

  37. 128

    by G***a


  38. 128

    by M***a

    Recomendo o vendedor, muito bom o produto, podem confiar

  39. 128

    by A***a

    Товар понравился, пришел вовремя, спасибо)

  40. 128

    by Y***e

    6 dias no 3

  41. 128

    by S***o

    отличная штучка

  42. 128

    by H***n

    It is the second one I am buying. This one is for my mother. She didn’t use it yet, but we opened it and it looks perfect. Thank you!

  43. 128

    by R***n

    все пришло в воздушном матрасике, поэтому ничего не пострадало в дороге,в работе пока не пробовал, позже дополню отзыв, продавцу большое спасибо

  44. 128

    by S***o

    good item

  45. 128

    by K***r

    힝 너무 쪼꼬매.. 껌은색 살걸 그래써…. 그치만 잘 쓰겠습니다 ^^

  46. 128

    by P***d

    Looks great would recomment and i will buy another item thx store

  47. 128

    by A***a

    me ha llegado en dos días falta probarlo

  48. 128

    by E***v

    Все ок

  49. 128

    by E***y

    выглядит качественно, посмотрим как в деле

  50. 128

    by A***

    Отличная овощерезка: острые лезвия, Удобно с ней работать, прорезиненный низ чтобы не скользила. Резать салаты стало проще и быстрее.

  51. 128

    by J***s

    ótimo muito bem embalado chegou dentro do prazo

  52. 128

    by Customer

    Gutes Produkt, noch sind die Messer scharf, ich hoffe dies bleibt lange so.

  53. 128

    by S***o

    Received item. Well packaged and unbroken. All parts are there. Item is well made and not flimsy or thin. Only thing that should be included is maybe some basic instructions. Otherwise happy with product. Will post more feedback later.

  54. 128

    by T***o

    Ótimo produto! Comprem sem medo!

  55. 128

    by E***o

    Muy bien, me ha gustado mucho y todos los accesorios.

  56. 128

    by Customer

    Посылка пришла достаточно быстро, за месяц, в целом довольна покупкой. Пару раз порезалась “знакомясь” и при промывке товара. А так довольна результатом.

  57. 128

    by C***a

    Ainda não fiz o teste mas o material parece bem resistente.

  58. 128

    by V***v


  59. 128

    by A***i

    Быстрая доставка. Отлично упаковано. Будем пользоваться.

  60. 128

    by A***o

    В целом очень довольна, ножи достаточно острые, даже умудрилась порезаться, когда упаковку вскрывала. Но пластик по ощущениям хлипковат. Пользуюсь месяц, пока все целое.

  61. 128

    by O***t

    Works as described. Easy to handle

  62. 128

    by M***k

    Лучше чем все те найсер дайсеры которые можно купить в беларуси. Есть конструктивная недоработка – в режиме дайсера – на месте терки- дырка. может я не догадалась чем ее закрыть, конечно. но мне все равно очень понравилось. крепкий, плотный пластик и острые ножи. своих денег стоит однозначно!

  63. 128

    by I***e

    Bad that there is no box for keeping all the stuff.

  64. 128

    by C***a

    Very good. Sharp blades. Thank you!

  65. 128

    by E***v

    Пришла в целости. Ножи очень острые, пока собираешь ее не заметишь как порежешься

  66. 128

    by G***v

    Corresponds to the description

  67. 128

    by M***s

    this product Is nice

  68. 128

    by B***a

    I don’t open it yet. It’ll be a wedding present.

  69. 128

    by S***v

    Parcel was lost by Russian Post waited three months to open dispute Ali money returned

  70. 128

    by T***s

    I get everything in good shape, I haven’t used it yet

  71. 128

    by M***v

    All received wife is very satisfied.

  72. 128

    by M***c

    ATP to the store, the swab came quickly. 2 were down to the UK. Scissors plastic качественыйе. Advise product.

  73. 128

    by R***r

    Fast shipping. Took as a gift

  74. 128

    by Customer

    Perfect! Thank you very much.

  75. 128

    by A***a

    My wife’s still high, while the knives are sharp.

  76. 128

    by G***a

    It came somewhere in a month, the quality is good, no different from the laptop of analogs from Russian sites, unless the price is twice as pleasant! Packed all very well, the track was tracked.

  77. 128

    by R***s

    Does the cutting job faster and saves time. you just need to be careful of the blades which are very sharp.

  78. 128

    by G***r

    Packed very well. The quality is very good

  79. 128

    by K***j

    as pictured. as described. bought the extra blade set. fry cutter is 2 sizes – regular and shoestring. blades come nested in a storage box for protection. order packed accurately and shipped promptly.

  80. 128

    by A***v

    I tried on carrots and potatoes. Very pleased. Careful, sharp! Sent very fast.

  81. 128

    by R***y

    The order had to wait a long time. Already the dispute opened, but the parcel was still delivered. Everything is well packed, nothing is damaged. The equipment corresponds. I have not tried the work yet. As I try, I’ll add a review. Thank you to the store, although late, but the parcel was still delivered.

  82. 128

    by I***n

    Great vegetable cutter! Knives are sharp, so do not neglect precautions and protect your fingers! Many thanks to the store and the manufacturer!!!

  83. 128

    by M***x

    Fast shipping and super quality

  84. 128

    by M***v

    Well sharpened

  85. 128

    by D***a

    Arrived very fast with shipping from Spain, the mandolin is good quality, the blades are sharp and cut well, there is one piece that although it fulfills its function was not fully made and has flaws. Some plastic edges are not well finished.

  86. 128

    by G***r

    Very sharp knives. We use two days while satisfied

  87. 128

    by R***r

    Class liked

  88. 128

    by R***a

    Good product good quality and price

  89. 128

    by M***o

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  90. 128

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