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Spring is the best time to garden – and upgrade your tools.

If you don`t want to clutter your house with different scissors or lug around a heavy gardening tool box, feast your eyes on this all-in-one tool!



PROFESSIONAL GARDENING & GRAFTING: This grafting set includes 2-in-1 blades for grafting and pruning, 3 replaceable blades, a screwdriver, and a wrench. Reach for just one tool for multiple landscaping needs.



HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Unlike traditional grafting tools, our handy all-in-one tool is made of #65 high carbon steel double-edged shear blades and high-strength ABS plastic handles. The handles are pruned and grafted for durability while the oil on the surface of the blades is designed to reduce contact with air and moisture, helping protect from wear and rust.



CUT WITH PRECISION: Our tool’s graft cutting blades cut fruit branches with diameters from 5mm/0.19in to 12mm/0.47in, allowing for precise cutting for improved plant survival.



REPLACEABLE GRAFTING BLADES: With 3 different incision grafting blades (Ω-Cut & U-Cut & V-Cut), our tool makes cutting easier. We recommend you lubricate your blades after each use to extend their lifespan.



Set 1 Package Includes:

1 x Grafting Tool

2 x Additional Blades


Set 2 Package Includes:

1 x Grafting Tool

1 x Phillips Screwdriver

1 x Wrench

2 x Additional Blades

1 x Bag


If you garden or know someone who does, this item is an absolute must-have!

Additional information

Brand Name


Pruning Tool Type

Pruning Knives

Pruner Type



Anti-Slip Grip

Model Number

Garden Grafting Tools


Not Coated




As shown below (Item Specifics)

Function 1

Grafting Tool Knife

Function 2

Fruit Tree Grafting Gardening Tools

Function 3

Garden Farming Pruning Shears Scissor

Function 4

Pruning Cutting Shear

Function 5

Garden Tools Grafting Pruner

Function 6

tree scissors grafting pruner

Feature 1

Grafting Cutting Tool

Feature 2

Gardening Tools Grafting Pruner

Feature 3

Garden Grafting Tool

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81 Reviews For This Product

  1. 81

    by T***n

    This tool makes grafting for beginners easy. So much better than using a knife that cuts so easily.

  2. 81

    by D***d

    The tool is very simple and easy to use. hope my grafting will grow soon.

  3. 81

    by W***y

    Just got this tool an love it works perfectly n very sharp. I’ll be doing a lot of graft this spring.

  4. 81

    by V***n

    Product was exactly as described and came with everything I needed to get started.

  5. 81

    by D***k

    I grafted several mango varieties on one rood-stock and so far they look good, this tool is very precious and quick.

  6. 81

    by W***m

    Works great! I will be doing all my grafting with it!

  7. 81

    by J***k

    Works great. now I have 7 kinds of apple on one tree.

  8. 81

    by T***s

    I like the tool, it works great and is very convenient to use.

  9. 81

    by J***a

    The article is as described, it is missing to prove but it has good ponta. Shipping takes something more usual denlo.

  10. 81

    by Customer

    Tested and is perfect precise cut and close-fitting walls after grafting

  11. 81

    by C***r


  12. 81

    by M***o

    Super as described thank you

  13. 81

    by G***b


  14. 81

    by D***k

    The goods are not coming. Groshi turned

  15. 81

    by F***a

    Envío muy rápido, menos de 2 semanas, producto tal y como se describe, da sensación de firmeza y el peso indica que es metálico. Ahora falta utilizarlo! Recomiendo comprar.

  16. 81

    by K***r

    I’m satisfied,quality tool. Helpful good Seller!

  17. 81

    by R***b

    The product conforms to the description. The instructions for use are easy to follow.

  18. 81

    by O***n

    These were great. They were exactly as described and worked well for what I needed.

  19. 81

    by G***y

    It was a gift and the recipient was very happy as he does grafting for a hobby.

  20. 81

    by R***r

    Very good quality, thanks!

  21. 81

    by T***t

    goid product, fast delivery, thank you!

  22. 81

    by U***k

    Спасибо…. Хороший сикатор… Заказывал второй раз для знакомого

  23. 81

    by Customer

    Come descritto sembra di buona manifattura

  24. 81

    by G***d

    дякую ми раді

  25. 81

    by J***k

    получил достаточно быстро несмотря на вирусину (от некоторых уже почти два месяца жду ,валят на обстановку)инструмент на вид неплохой сделан отлично ,ручки из прочного качественного пластика,резаки стальные и основа на которую устанавливается сменная насадка тоже стальная достаточно мощная сталь примерно миллиметра 3 , на вид все собрано прочно ни каких зазоров .., смазано маслом ..продукт отличный (на вид )не пробовал в деле.

  26. 81

    by J***a

    perfecto, entrada muy muy tardía por el estado de alarma, pero genial

  27. 81

    by A***n

    доставка недели 2 до Челябинска, упаковано средне, в целом аппарат понравился!

  28. 81

    by M***

    llegó muy bien y bastante contento con el producto. exactamente igual que en la foto.

  29. 81

    by A***k

    Посылка с Привывочным секатором дошла за 48 дней, качество вроде нормальное но в деле буду проверять. Спасибо большое продавцу.

  30. 81

    by T***v

    Хороший инструмент заказываю уже второй раз.

  31. 81

    by P***c

    merci super

  32. 81

    by P***r

    Wszystko ok zgodne z opisem.

  33. 81

    by G***n

    produit conforme, essayé hier: fonctionne bien; maintenant je laisse faire la nature

  34. 81

    by M***o

    looks great. it took a super long time but store kept open communications.

  35. 81

    by F***r

    Livraison longue mais conforme

  36. 81

    by R***v

    Посылка долго шла, за это время завезли в Ленту. То же самое . но дешевле. Хорошие аппараты, уже испробовал. поменял ветки на разных сортах винограда(Питер). Листья пожухли- но веточки продолжают жить. Опыт производил в самую жару июня. Просто не вообразимо. Молодцы китайцы. Рекомендую. Кстати ветки обвязывал бумажным скотчем.

  37. 81

    by S***t

    Отслеживалось пришло не быстро работает

  38. 81

    by A***h

    Ну что сказать, доставка до Москвы превзошла все ожидания. 5 месяцев, пакет видно весь замучанный, голова у инструмента наверное болит, от долгих переездов. отдать должное продавец общительный, уговорил закрыть спор, что товар прийдет все-таки. на все вопросы отвечает оперативно. товар советую и продавца тоже. может в доставке сыграла роль пандемического kovid 19. и как всегда доблесная почта России.

  39. 81

    by G***v

    Заказ не пришёл. Вернули деньги

  40. 81

    by B***e

    Received , did not test yet. Delivery was ultra fast!

  41. 81

    by S***a

    Всё отлично.

  42. 81

    by A***n

    Cool tool, makes grafting “small” limbs easy. 13 more words required? What more is there to say? It works great!

  43. 81

    by J***n

    The omega cutter works great. It’s very easy to use. It would save you a lot of time. The pruner tool is also good and it’s a handy plus.

  44. 81

    by F***d

    I think it’s the slickest gadget since the toaster and I’ve become somewhat spoiled – don’t want to go back to using the knife.

  45. 81

    by F***o

    I do like the idea behind the making of this tool. It is summer now so no grafting would be done, but I will try to update this review during the fall.

  46. 81

    by G***y

    Hi, I’m a farmer. I was very happy with this product. It helps me very much in planting trees. I want to get things like that in the field of tree grafting, too.

  47. 81

    by L***l

    Wish I had found this last year! What an easy to use the gadget and makes grafting so easy in less than a minute! Wow, lifesaver!

  48. 81

    by J***a

    Well constructed and easy to use. The instructions are simple to follow. I would highly recommend it. The Price was really affordable.

  49. 81

    by D***l

    Perfect for what I ordered it for. It makes all the difficult cuts for you. I am sure to make successful grafts with this kit. Great price as well. Comes in its own zipper case and everything is secured in a makes sense format.

  50. 81

    by S***i

    An easy to use tool that makes clean well-fitting cuts. This should improve my grafting success. Might help to include instructions for releasing the lock which I had assumed was only a stop, but I guess I’m not as sharp as others.

  51. 81

    by A***s

    Great product for beginners. The pruner and omega style blade perform simultaneously, so there must be little to no branches around your graft otherwise you will cut other branches with the pruner.

  52. 81

    by J***n

    I didn’t use yet, but I like this tool because I ‘m beginner, So it’s cool when the tool knows how to do things better than you 🙂
    Update: I have used it today and I’m strongly impressed- it works just perfectly! I’d recommend to everybody, beginners and not only to them…

  53. 81

    by J***y

    This is a super bargain and all in one tool. I’m going to take a course on grafting so this is going to work great for that and I will be very prepared! I appreciate the efforts of the company.

  54. 81

    by L***m

    I do a lot of gardening, so I purchased this grafting tools. They are many things I need in the package and they are in the nice tool bag, very handy. It’s good to have one and I am happy with my purchased.

  55. 81

    by B***n

    I used to do the cut the branch and cion by a knife but begin to use this grafting tool for safety and a higher probability of having successful grafts. Once u get the matching size for branch and cion, this tool will help get a matching cut that would make the cion fits nicely. Not to mention that this will be faster too.

  56. 81

    by D***k

    Very nice grafting tool. The package has everything you need. I have done about 40 grafts with the omega blade. One thing I just figured out that each blade has two cutting edges. You can switch the blade around to another edge if one edge wears out. So, one blade makes two!

  57. 81

    by A***e

    Wonderful tool. My only criticism is that out of the box the bolts that secure the blades into the tool are extremely tight and we’re difficult to loosen initially. It could be easy to damage if not done carefully. But otherwise I was able to change the blades and use the tool with good results. Comes with everything needed for a good graft. Great product.

  58. 81

    by B***n

    Definitely a great tool to have for anyone wishing to graft. Keep in mind though that it’s made for small branches. In order words, if you’re thinking of cutting your fruit tree that has a fair size trunk to graft scions, then that tool is useless.

  59. 81

    by S***e

    These grafters are working great so far! They seem to be very high quality and I love how they come with the different blades. These are by far on par if not better than some of the name brand ones out there. 10 out of 10 would definitely buy these again!

  60. 81

    by N***n

    Very nice grafting tool. The package has everything you need. I have done deveral grafts with the omega blade. One thing I just figured out that each blade has two cutting edges. You can switch the blade around to another edge if one edge wears out. So, one blade makes two!

  61. 81

    by D***l

    Easy and safer than grafting with a knife. My hand shakes quite a bit, and I was uncomfortable trying to graft some avocado trees with a sharp knife. This tool took all the risk away and left me with a clean and easy graft. It took a little while to get the hang of it and to turn the tool in the right direction to get the appropriate cut, but once you have it down, its a piece of cake.

  62. 81

    by R***t

    The tool works fine. I’ve done several grafts with it, and they look good and have live buds. I would like to be able to tell you how long the blades will remain sharp, but I don’t know yet. Finally, no tool will teach you how to graft. You still have to choose a compatible host, cut the scion wood at the right time, store it in the refrigerator, select the right day for grafting, and seal the graft to prevent it from drying out.

  63. 81

    by S***e

    Got it just in time for the grafting season. I used to cut the scions and rootstocks manually using a pocket knife, which was a lot of works and it was a hit and miss. With this tool, I can easily cut precise scions and perfect matched cut on the rootstock to graft them tightly together. This helps increase the chances that they take to each other and grow. The kit comes with complete accessories that you’d need for grafting. Awesome deal!!!

  64. 81

    by M***o

    Great tree grafting tool. It feels very ergonomic when used. I sent a lot of rubber bands, which helped me to better secure the two parts of the grafted trees.
    The blade of the tool is very sharp, which is very important for the survival rate of the grafting project.
    Overall, this is a great tool.

  65. 81

    by W***m

    If there’s anything wrong with this tool it’s that the cutter blade is a little thin and it didn’t come with any instructions (Youtube took care of that) …… other than that it’s a substantial, fairly commercial-grade tool. I am pleasantly surprised at the weight and how ‘hardy’ it is… I was more or less expecting something ‘flimsy’ and hard to use but I was pleasantly surprised by its quality.

  66. 81

    by A***n

    I’ve been wanting one of these for a while and this seems to be the combo I’m looking for. I’ve used it a couple of dozen times already and I’m satisfied so far. I’ve not tried grafting before until now. Not sure if any of the grafts I did will be successful but this kit makes it so much easier. The other extra stuff adds value to the kit. I can’t wait to see the results this year.

  67. 81

    by J***n

    The box came in good condition which I was happy about : ) I am going to keep the box as it has printed instructions on what you need to know for whip grafting.
    I was using grafting knife at first but It turned out to be hard work since I had wasted quite a few woods before a successful cut. This grafting tool is working great especially for a novice at grafting. It takes only a few seconds to make a perfect cut. The important thing of whip graft is matching the diameter of your scion with the diameter of your rootstock. So basically you just visually select the right size of grafting woods beforehand and leave the cutting work to this grafting pruner.

  68. 81

    by N***t

    A nice set that get your tree grafting endeavor to start right. It has everything you need. I used to do the cut the branch and cion by knife but begin to use this grafting tool for safety and higher probability of having successful grafts. Once u get the matching size for branch and cion, this tool will help get a matching cut that would make the cion fits nicely. Not to mention that this will be faster too. If you are looking into grafting, this is a good set for you. If you are a more seasoned tree grafter, this would allow you to do it safer then using grafting knife, and would make your grafts healed nicely and looking good too. I mainly do grafts for cherimoya and atemoya.

  69. 81

    by G***n

    So I have not used this yet since it is winter, but I am excited about using this. My husband will be the main person using this using until he teaches me about grafting. This kit is really good because it appears to include everything you need and the cutters are really well made from what I can see from playing around with them so far. They seem pretty easy to use, and I think I would be able to learn how to do it correctly by just watching some videos online. I am really looking forward to gardening this spring and summer with this tool as it will really enhance my garden.

  70. 81

    by C***s

    Tree and plant grafting is my new hobby and experiment. I’m getting practice before I take this on a mission trip to Nicaragua. This tool worked right out of the case without me consulting the instructions. My son and I have made a total of 12-15 grafts and we’re waiting to see if they take. The tool, however, works and makes a clean cut. Note that the cut has to be reversed on the one branch so that it slips into the other (inverted V into a V). It is a great tool for grafting branches the size a little thicker than a pencil and less. Grafting onto larger branches requires a knife and different techniques. It works!

  71. 81

    by P***r

    I’m having a good time practicing pruning and grafting a lemon tree and lime tree at my brother’s house. The lemons and limes at his house don’t have seeds and they have so much juice. I have been looking for a way to duplicate them on youtube and there are many ways to do it. But the highest rate to duplicate them is using the right tool to do it – per professional Youtuber recommendations.
    This toolset has every that needed for grafting and makes grafting a job look so easy, can’t be more simple. I can either cut the branches with Ω or U or V shape. All these three work well. The shear is great for cutting small branches but not a big one. I don’t measure the size when I cut. I just see if the shear can fit the branches, I cut them.

  72. 81

    by E***c

    After an extensive series of trials with just a knife, I discovered the ‘V’ notch works better than most other methods for apple. But you can cut yourself repeatedly with a knife, even if the tip is dull and flat (grafter’s knife). It came with two other shaped blades, including a “v” and a rounded “v” beside the “omega” and is perfect for rapid bench grafting as it has a spring open. But the extra money here seems more than worth the worry. The handle comes with a handy closing feature for storage that I haven’t seen before on other ‘spring open’ hand tools. Would like to see that more often. The blades are made of 1-inch bandsaw blade stock, so presumably, they could be made in any machine shop and in any shape! It doesn’t get any better than that! This IS the same technology used to make jigsaw puzzles, so if you have a jigsaw puzzle maker nearby the shape might be customized.

  73. 81

    by M***a

    пришел, но очень очень долго!

  74. 81

    by A***z

    Dostawa w 45 dni. Eleganckie etui, wszystko wygląda dobrze, nie wypróbowane.

  75. 81

    by B***I


  76. 81

    by I***O

    Отправка быстрая. Доставка в Киев больше 2 месяцев. Товар полностью соответствует описанию. Идея создания такого инструмента очень хорошая. А вот качество материалов не очень хорошее. Лезвия не из прочного материала. А вот оранжевая втулка, в которую упирается лезвие во время обрезки очень плохая, очень мягкая. Из-за мягкости материала, ветка прорезается не до конца. Остается 0,5 мм не прорезанной. Пришлось самому дорабатывать данный инструмент. Вместо оранжевой упорной втулки поставил кусок пластиковой водопроводной трубы диаметром 20 мм. ( То что было под рукой. Думаю, идеально было бы ее выточить из фторопластового стержня). На трубке напильником сделал плоскую площадку под лезвием. Смотрите фото. Лезвия пришлось немного затачивать. После этого инструмент стал работать отлично.

  77. 81

    by K***s

    It arrived in 1 week! Well packaged and the product is just as described by the store.

  78. 81

    by Y***n

    Ножи очень хлипкие, думаю долго их использовать не получиться.

  79. 81

    by D***o


  80. 81

    by J***s

    No ha llegado problema con aduanas me enviaran el reembolso

  81. 81

    by S***v

    Very good store, thank you. Buy all the advice from them.

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