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Supporting all the right areas to align your neck and spine, it helps train your posture to maintain its upright position.




Our posture corrector works by training your muscles and spine to return their natural alignment, allowing you to stand head to toe the way nature intended.




Bad posture left unchecked can cause pain and lead to nerve damage. Our posture corrector, coupled with physical therapy, aids in the treatment of back pain.




Our durable and comfortable design allows effective assistance while being comfortable to wear.




Our posture corrector fits seamlessly under your clothes for discreet daily adjustment that can yield noticeable results.




Poor posture can be detrimental to one’s health! If you are in front of a screen gaming or working nonstop, chances are you are suffering from some degree of slouching or poor posture. Even athletes can suffer from back and posture issues due to muscle imbalances. The Posture Corrector is a patented solution that works for males, females, athletes, or ordinary people alike.



Posture Corrector is not about a temporary fix. It’s about gradual adjustments over time for permanent correction of bad posture. Your muscle memory will begin to relearn correct alignment and stance for your body as you wear the Posture Corrector – so even when you take it off, you will be standing and walking naturally in a healthier, more correct manner.




Small (S): For kids or small adults 90 lbs – 140 lbs (40 kg – 64 kg), chest size 18″ – 26″ (46 – 68 cm)

Medium (M): For adults up to 150 lbs – 180 lbs (68 – 82 kg), chest size 27″ – 36″ (68 – 91 cm)

Large (L): For adults between to 181 – 365 lbs (83 kg – 120 kg), chest size 36″ – 47″ (91-119 cm)

Extra large (XL): For adults over 365 lbs (120 kg), chest size 47″ – 59″ (119 – 150 cm)




Additional information

Model Number



Posture corrector




Chest size: 46 – 68 cm / 18 – 26 inch


Chest size: 68 – 91 cm / 27 – 36 inch


Chest size: 91 – 119 cm / 36 – 47 inch


Chest size: 119 – 150 cm / 47 -59 inch

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Braces & Supports


Bone Care



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100 Reviews For This Product

  1. 100

    by I***i

    Thank you very much. The product came super quickly, in good quality. I will order more I recommend the store to everyone.

  2. 100

    by L***d

    Arrives sooner than expected. exactly what I wanted and works well for me.

  3. 100

    by J**n

    Very satisfied with my order. Just as described.

  4. 100

    by A***v

    Everything is exactly as in the picture. Thanks to the store, I recommend.

  5. 100

    by I***n

    Received, thank you! Quality is good, you can adjust the size.

  6. 100

    by S***l

    Good item very fast delivery

  7. 100

    by A***v

    I recommend the seller and this product. Shoulders straightens really.

  8. 100

    by H***m

    the order is perfect. i will buy again from this store

  9. 100

    by A***e

    Parcel arrived 2 days before the estimated date, size and color as described

  10. 100

    by J***o

    Very good product, arrived on time and works very well

  11. 100

    by A***v

    Corresponds to the description. It’s okay. I am happy with the purchase.

  12. 100

    by L***a

    Very good, I’m completely satisfied!

  13. 100

    by M***g

    Got one for me and a friend. We both work in IT and it’s great to prevent slouching!

  14. 100

    by B**n

    The goods came in time, did not have to wait long. The corset itself is conceived and manufactured well. Made of soft material. Easy to remove and put on.

  15. 100

    by M****a

    Ordered for husband. He likes it! Fixes the back and helps to keep good posture. The corrector itself is really well-made. I recommend!

  16. 100

    by R******a

    I have a really bad habit of slouching at my desk and I’m really noticing a difference with this posture corrector especially with my lower back pain. I mostly use mine at work and my posture has already improved in the last few weeks. Love it!

  17. 100

    by M****o

    I don’t have serious posture problems, but I definitely slouch way too often behind my desk and I was starting to feel some tightness in my upper back and shoulders. Been using mine for about 2 weeks and the tension in my back in shoulders has gone down quite a bit. I’d say this is perfect for people who find themselves slouching all the time and need a quick and convenient solution to correct their posture.

  18. 100

    by D**n

    Love it. Easy to wear and keeps my posture straight.

  19. 100

    by M******l

    Been wearing mine for a few weeks and my posture has improved so much already! I usually sit for about 4-5 hours throughout the day, and using this posture has helped me be more conscious of my posture and also relieves a lot of my back pain. I’m definitely happy with my purchase.

  20. 100

    by A*******a

    I was a little skeptical at first but this brace is the real deal. I’m surprised at how lightweight it is! I wear mine for about 2-3 hours througout the day with no issues.

  21. 100

    by D****d

    Really keeps from slouching, easy to adjust, the material is pleasant and high-quality. Thanks to the seller, I advice you to buy!

  22. 100

    by D*****e

    Just got mine a few days ago. It’s much more comfortable than I expected, and it makes me more conscious of my posture throughout the day! I typically wear it with either an undershirt or just over my regular clothes. My back is already feeling a lot better, hoping to see more improvements to my mid/lower back pain in the next week or two. Great purchase!

  23. 100

    by K*******y

    After a few weeks of use I can safely say this posture corrector 100% does the job! It’s super light and comfortable and easy to quickly put on before going out, running errands, etc. I’ve always had a bad habit of slouching, especially while sitting down at my desk so having this strapped around my back keeps my back straight and my shoulders back.

  24. 100

    by N***a

    Immediately seeing results. I tend to slouch a lot whenever I work at the office. From all the pain, decided to try this out under my blazer. I can feel whenever I slouch and it’s been a few weeks and can immediately see that my back has improved!! My brother also has used this during the weekend! Awesome product!

  25. 100

    by O***o

    I love that this is adjustable so as your muscles relax and strengthen you are able to make it tighter. But it’s also great when your starting to not pull your shoulders back. I believe this sets it apart from other products like this.

    This really helps take strain off my upper back and is helping my back to be straighter. It’s not a one time use it and everything is corrected product, but it does help you work towards a straighter and less sore back.

  26. 100

    by S***s

    I work 12 hour shifts in an office setting, three days consecutively. I noticed my lower back pain increasing and some rounding in my shoulders. My doctor recommended a posture corrector, and this one has worked wonders. I have not used other posture correctors in the past, but this one seems as good as any. I experience less pain in my lower back and no more shoulder rounding when I use this device. I recommend wearing it under clothing.

  27. 100

    by N***s

    After using multiple posture correctors, I had pretty much given up on having pain relief for my upper back due to my minor scoliosis. This went on sale and I figured, why not? I gave it a shot and instantly felt relief. Be sure to follow the instructions provided on the little slip of paper they give you, as well as the ones listed on the page. They also provided velcro extending straps for those who may need them. Overall a great purchase on my end, and if this ever breaks or I know someone who needs it, I’ll definitely be recommending this one!

  28. 100

    by T***e

    So originally I purchased this for my self just to try it… well my girl took it and pretty much Kept it and now it’s hers lol… she loves it! She says it really helps her not to hunch. You can still kind bend your back but it’s like a reminder to stay straight! She likes it so much she wears it while working out on her elliptical!! She says it’s easy to put on and easy for her to take off.. it’s been a little over 2 weeks now that she’s had it and she believes it real helps, now when she’s not wearing it I don’t see her hunched all the time looking down and depressed lol.. she stands up straight and looks assertive and confident!!

  29. 100

    by R***r

    During this time while we’ve all been working from home, I’ve noticed upper back pain. Being at the computer for extended amounts of time makes you unaware of your posture, sometimes to the point where bad posture is comfortable. Knowing that it’s not healthy long term, wearing this device reminds you of when your shoulders begin to roll forward, putting a firm pressure there, so you know when you need to stand up straighter. Over time, you get used to avoiding that sensation and a proper posture becomes comfortable again, which prevents back pain at the end of the day. Forcing yourself to stand up straight feels awkward without this device, but with it, it helps remind you when you’re falling back into bad habits. I’m sure over time, it won’t be needed once mentally knowing what proper posture feels like.

  30. 100

    by P***r

    I got it specifically because I had some problems with my slouching shoulders, and them looking much broader than they actually were, and needed something that would eventually fix them. It did that very well! It wasn’t very comfortable for the first day (I wore it continuously for 10 hours), but the second day it almost didn’t hurt at all. After nearly a week now, it feels very comfortable and supportive of a more natural posture, and shoulder discomfort that I had previously is gone! I sleep much better now, and some problems that I didn’t think would go away did (I had a protruding collarbone on my right shoulder that’s settled back in where it goes, which feels much better). I even bought another for the family, since they wanted to use it too! Definitely recommended!

  31. 100

    by C***g

    So this basically feels like your wearing a back pack really tight. As soon as i put it on and tightened it, it cracked my back and relieved some pain I didn’t know i had. I initially purchased this because of my job, where I sit at a desk most of the time, I realized I slouched a lot in my chair. I didn’t have pain or anything but didn’t want something to arise in the future. It added a couple inches to my shoulder length and it definitely helps me keep my back straight and added a inch to my height. Now it looks like I walk around with my head high and added some more confidence in my posture. I wear it on my under shirt and you can’t tell I have it on. Would definitely recommend.

  32. 100

    by E***a

    The first day I wore this product, it caused my upper back to have a weird feeling but it is due to your back straighten out. I don’t have a big upper body, and the straps were fine to tighten. It helps pull your arms/shoulders back so your upper body doesn’t slouch. If you sit down in your chair with bad posture around middle spine, this won’t help much. However, it keeps you conscience about your posture and you’ll be more aware to sit straight up.
    Overall, for the cost of this product, I think it works nicely to help you fix your posture. It still takes effort, don’t think this will magically cure you of having a bad posture. Even when I take off the back posture corrector from wearing it for 1/2 the day, my body and mind tries to fix my posture while I walk around the house.

  33. 100

    by V***v

    So helpful! I’ve been wearing this every day since I got it. I have a terrible problem of slouching. So much that I have a hump on the back of my neck!! After wearing this so much it’s actually helped. My back doesn’t hurt as much and I’m getting better at sitting up straight on my own. I highly recommend this!

  34. 100

    by S***o

    I was very surprised of how easy this posture corrector was to use. It has helped me lower my back pain and it forces me really keep posture straight!!! The cool thing is that you put it on, pull the strips to your desired strength and velcro them. Thats it! Ive been able to notice how Ive been so used to bad posture that i even develop a wrong posture to breath. Ive been using it every day and i am Very happy!

  35. 100

    by D***o

    I was a bit skeptical about this at first, but upon receiving it in the mail I tried it out immediately. I am typically a small/medium in shirt size and ordered a small for the posture corrector. It seems that this is measured a little larger as I had a lot of excess strap. The good thing is that it is easy to adjust and can be done in a matter of seconds. I had on the corrector for maybe 30 minutes and could feel a release in tension already. It’s thin enough to still fit seemlessly under your clothing, but still provides the right amount of support in helping with your posture.

  36. 100

    by Customer

    Nothing fancy but it works great!

  37. 100

    by Customer


  38. 100

    by O***v

    Одеть его не просто (может размер нужно было больше), результат пока рано оценивать.

  39. 100

    by M***i

    Very satisfied thax

  40. 100

    by E***k

    Пока не. Чего сказать. Только начал носить)

  41. 100

    by E***k

    Заказывал 4 пока не пользовался

  42. 100

    by I***i


  43. 100

    by Customer

    produit mziwen kima kiban f tawar weslat f 40 jr

  44. 100

    by G***a

    cómodo al usar y de fácil manejo.

  45. 100

    by J***z

    Estoy probando. Por ahora creo q debiése ser más largo y llegar Hasta la cadera.

  46. 100

    by K***v

    До Алтайского края шёл месяц. Одел под подмышками дискамфорт. А так норм для своей цены. Посмотрим что дальше будет

  47. 100

    by Customer

    wszystko ok. polecam

  48. 100

    by O***K

    haven’t tried it yet, looking good

  49. 100

    by A***i

    Thabk you i receive it. very fast

  50. 100

    by K***r

    배송빠르고 착용하는데 편리합니다

  51. 100

    by A***v

    Today was his first day! It seems not bad, but with tight puffs a little press under the arm! And so

  52. 100

    by M***m

    my order just came today here in israel.. the product is good as it’s descriptions..satisfied buyer here..surely recommended the product..thanks ali and the store..☺️☺️

  53. 100

    by S***i


  54. 100

    by L***r

    Item as described. Arrived within time limits.

  55. 100

    by K***a

    Very good! The store did everything quickly! This is gorgeous!

  56. 100

    by C***r

    Very good product, it helps a lot back

  57. 100

    by J***k

    My mom likes the back corrector strap. She’s wearing it almost every day or at least when she is working hard on the field. She says it helps her keep her posture.

  58. 100

    by K***o

    loved it! will buy more.

  59. 100

    by N***a


  60. 100

    by C***s

    Excellent product such as description

  61. 100

    by J***n

    I received this product within a week. Love it. Quality is very good.

  62. 100

    by D***m

    Good item thank you to the store

  63. 100

    by A***l

    good product

  64. 100

    by M***n

    llego el producto

  65. 100

    by M***r

    Très efficace et le colis est arrivé avant la date prévue merci

  66. 100

    by Customer

    good quality and arrived fast!

  67. 100

    by I***u

    Package received

  68. 100

    by O***o

    заказала дочери 12лет, пришёл через месяц, спину держит хорошо, заказывайте

  69. 100

    by O***a

    Очень классно рекомендую всем

  70. 100

    by R***r

    описания соответствует ,но думаю толку от нее будет мало,не очень удобно, плохо фиксирует,возможно у кого совсем с осанкой плохо, но он фиксирует плечи по сути

  71. 100

    by C***a

    Excelent ítem! Thank you!

  72. 100

    by M***a

    Good I recommend

  73. 100

    by F***r

    Gorąco wszystkim polecam. Regulacja pozwala dopasować pajączka do rozmiarów tak żeby działał a nie uwierał. Czuć ulgę na plecach. Już teraz chodzę z prostymi plecami i klatką do przodu

  74. 100

    by A***n

    не приятно под мышками

  75. 100

    by B***s

    Ótimo produto de qualidade. Vendedor muito atencioso. Nada a reclamar. Recomendo.

  76. 100

    by A***u


  77. 100

    by Y***a

    Transporte inmediato

  78. 100

    by A***z

    todo bien

  79. 100

    by D***a

    Свою функцию, не сказать что он помогает, так что не думаю, что его надо заказывать

  80. 100

    by D***e

    size is a little small. straps come together on your back which makes then tight under your armpit

  81. 100

    by I***y

    excellent and fast

  82. 100

    by R***v

    Өте жақсы тауар, бәрі керемет

  83. 100

    by M***h


  84. 100

    by Customer

    Just the first impression: the effect on sitting upright at the computer is amazing. Not only the shoulders are kept back, but also the back is forced to sit upright, because of the body’s changed center of gravity.

  85. 100

    by O***a

    доставка быстрая, на вид такой-же, в деле ещё не пробовали

  86. 100

    by J***s

    Super, me gusta mucho. Me ha servido, no hace todo el trabajo obviamente uno tiene que poner de su parte pero ayuda

  87. 100

    by I***n

    вроде помогает

  88. 100

    by C***y

    llego a tiempo se ve de buena calidad hay que probarla

  89. 100

    by S***e

    Quality is good ..Thanks

  90. 100

    by A***v

    Мал 🙁 очень натирает подмышками. Очень очень очень натирает

  91. 100

    by E***e

    Received in two weeks. I ordered S size. it’s very small I ordered again now its L size.

  92. 100

    by J***g


  93. 100

    by M***r

    Malgre le retard tout etais bien merci et je donne 4 etoile pour le vendeur

  94. 100

    by K***r

    товар супер.отличное качество за такие деньгихорошо держит спину.

  95. 100

    by O***y


  96. 100

    by Customer

    The goods have come. I really liked it. Thank you very much

  97. 100

    by S***i

    Nice .. a little problematic in closing

  98. 100

    by K***r


  99. 100

    by J***z

    I like Me, I come in time and form

  100. 100

    by Customer

    Convenient to adjust, the material is soft, but keeps well. Wear comfortable.

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