Universal Torque Wrench Head Set

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Universal Torque Wrench Head Set



COMPACT DESIGN – Get adaptable help without any bulk. Forget changing multiple heads for different bolts, screws, or tools. Bring this pocket-sized must-have with you on any work job or have it stored away in a drawer in the garage for grab-and-go convenience.

UNIVERSAL FIT – This universal socket wrench can be adjusted immediately to grasp most metric screws, wing nuts, broken nuts, stripped nuts, eye bolts, square nuts, hexes, and more that measure 1/4 to 3/4 inches (7 mm to 19 mm). When equipped with a power drill adapter, it is easy to connect this head with most electric drills, electric screwdrivers, and manual ratchet wrenches.



DURABLE BUILD – Designed from chrome-vanadium steel material, this wrench head delivers ultra-tough performance to you. Each head features 54 steel rods that are individually spring-actuated for a versatile fit. Experience a strong grip and easy agility to different nails, bolts, and fasteners, all without ever having to change sockets.

A DO-IT-ALL SOLUTION – From automobile maintenance to home upkeep, manufacturing, construction, and more, there’s no accessory that works as hard as this socket grip. It’s the gift of convenience, and it’s perfect for Christmas, birthdays, and more for any handyman, dad, boyfriend, brother, man, mom, or woman.




Do not use the socket head by itself. It is designed to be used with a ratchet wrench or electric drill.



Package Includes:

1 x Universal Torque Wrench Head Set (electric adapter not included)


Universal Torque Wrench Head Set


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Universal wrench socket


Household Tool Set


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Ratchet sleeve


Chromium-vanadium Steel

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57 Reviews For This Product

  1. 57

    by C***a

    До МО за 3 недели.трек номер другой оказался,а так с к супер

  2. 57

    by C***i

    bon produit

  3. 57

    by R***i

    Send as promised, all is good, thanks. not tested yet

  4. 57

    by N***h

    занятная штука.

  5. 57

    by A***q


  6. 57

    by E***n

    на вид качество хорошее.

  7. 57

    by S***y


  8. 57

    by Customer

    tal cual como se describe

  9. 57

    by S***s

    Очень даже хорошо.

  10. 57

    by S***z

    Buen producto y precio. Recomiendo.

  11. 57

    by Customer

    Poluchil. Slabenkaja i ne glubokaja.

  12. 57

    by Customer


  13. 57

    by F***a

    O produto veio em ótimas condições!!! Agora vamos testar e ver se aguenta o trabalho, se aguentar vou comprar um maior com esse mesmo vendedor!!!

  14. 57

    by J***a


  15. 57

    by M***w

    Same as the picture, good quality, right size and very fast shipping

  16. 57

    by A***r

    For any kind of a budget is just the perfect opportunity to get a farily good item that is totally worth is money

  17. 57

    by A***a

    delivered already. thanks a bunch!

  18. 57

    by C***y

    All the reviews made me realize it’s great value for money

  19. 57

    by T***s

    Probably the cheapest price for is available in this store.

  20. 57

    by O***r

    Excellent product. Thanks!

  21. 57

    by J***s

    very good! Thank you!

  22. 57

    by M***k

    In the house, car , and at work. The projector, hitch bike rack, car battery. You need this!

  23. 57

    by E***n

    it looks exactly like the picture and i know for sure my best friend will love it!

  24. 57

    by J***s

    I use this with a small cordless drill for turning eyebolts. It can adapt to almost anything. Great tool.

  25. 57

    by E***h

    It is what it says it is. It works like it said it would, and it shipped quickly. I haven’t had any problems with the socket.

  26. 57

    by C***s

    Incredibly handy to have in your car, I have one for my car and one for my house. Can be used even on the toughest heads you come across without stripping

  27. 57

    by R***l

    I use this to tighten the hex nuts on guitar head stocks. It is FANTASTIC for this. One size, no matter for bass or guitar, and it seems well

  28. 57

    by L***a

    Crazy useful! This just saved me hours while putting patio furniture together. I recommend this to everyone who cares about saving their knuckles from pain. Lol.

  29. 57

    by M***w

    He liked it and thought it was a cute idea. Don’t know if he’s used it or not. Great for gifts of Father’s Day and other holidays for men.

  30. 57

    by K***y

    My dad mentioned these being cool so I ordered one for him as a gift not knowing what it does. Once it arrived he showed me and he’s right, they’re very cool.

  31. 57

    by T***m

    Got this for as a present for my husband. He sure does like it. He has used it multiple times. I have used it once and it worked like a charm. I would recommend it.

  32. 57

    by D***d

    The single best tool I have. All you need is this socket, vice grips and a couple of screwdrivers to solve most issues. Strong and versatile. I bought a short handled wrench to use with it. Highly recommend.

  33. 57

    by S***a

    A versatile addition to any toolbox. It’s so nice to have this; it keeps me from having to run to the garage and search for the right size socket. I bought this for my husband, but we all love this tool!

  34. 57

    by J***y

    I am a small woman and sometimes I get fatigue quickly and sockets or bits get difficult to remove and switch out.
    Tho stool is the perfect answer. I wish I owned it a long time ago…

  35. 57

    by K***n

    Great tool to be used on special conditions where you do not have the right tool.
    I do not need to have a different socket from 7mm to 19mm!!!! This will do the job

  36. 57

    by F***k

    This is a miracle tool – well made, versatile works on any size, any design, and you can use it for so many things! It is the best tool
    in my toolbox and I am a Lady!!!

  37. 57

    by S***e

    I bought this for my Dad who has macular degeneration and can’t see well. He just loves it because he does not get frustrated trying to line everything up. It allows him to work on things he otherwise could not! I will be buying one for us as well.

  38. 57

    by M***e

    This tool can be attached to my screwdriver with multiple bits. It makes skate truck lock nut adjustments easy, and can also tighten the wheels. It is light enough to haul around and attached to my screwdriver I can do just the right torque. I was shopping for a socket wrench set, but this obviates that purchase for me. It sure does grab!

  39. 57

    by D***d

    When you need to remove or install something that is odd shaped this is the wonder-tool. I wasn’t convinced until I tried it. Now I’m afraid every time someone else tries it I won’t get it back. Even bought one for my mom! Could live without it but I don’t want to!

  40. 57

    by J***r

    I use this when installing audio equipment. Of course, I have to be very careful not to over-tighten binding posts with it, but it greatly increases the speed at which I can work while hooking speakers up to amplifiers and AV receivers. The tool seems robust and like it will last me many years.

  41. 57

    by A***r

    Like a lot – I work on guitars and amps and there are many nuts & bolts that periodically need tightening (but not over-tightening).. This will snug them up faster than anything else – most times I don’t even use a wrench, just the socket itself by hand. It may seem trivial to figure out which diameter a nut or bolt needs, but multiply that by 20+ times a day and you will save time and trouble. Very satisfied.

  42. 57

    by L***a

    Review is based on common sense. Best tool for small house hold jobs.
    Not to be used as a replacement for impact sockets. If you can grab it then it can be removed or used for install.
    I have had this for several months and have used it quite often.

  43. 57

    by K***n

    I have been searching for this very tool.
    I’m tired of guessing and trying various sockets when working on the car. This won’t fit every exact large bolt, but it does fit the more common ones.
    The packaging was perfect, it arrived on time and I expect the durability to last for years.

  44. 57

    by F***e

    I’ve seen this tool advertised for years but never thought much of it like all as seen on TV type tools. I’m paralyzed and only have the use of one hand so I decided to try this one size fits all kind of tool because going up and down a ladder already is difficult enough. Lo and behold, it did exactly what I needed to do when screws and bolts that have been painted and or around it off were able to be removed. There are tricks to everything and make sure you try to center whatever you are trying to remove in the center of the socket especially if attached to your drill or impact is probably the only helpful information I can pass on. Simply put, it did exactly what I needed done.

  45. 57

    by M***e

    This tool is perfect for those people who do not like to have a garage full of tools and want something to help in simple home repairs. It is versatile in the way that it unscrews most things and you do not have to constantly change sockets. Of course this is not a complete replacement for regular tools. The product size is limited to a specific range of sizes but for the most part it will come in handy for most things around the house. Due to the nature of how this product works, I do not recommend using it to repair anything that requires a lot of torque ( fixing a car). Overall a nice handy tool to have. I hope this review helps.

  46. 57

    by F***e

    I’ve seen this product advertised on Facebook as well as on TV and wondered if it really worked or if it was a piece of junk. Well, it really does work and it’s amazing. This is not a product that you have to have but it’s a product that makes life a lot easier. When installing and I hook you can always use a screwdriver and twist and twist and twist to tighten it or you can pop this in your drill and have that installed in a second. Definitely helps you save time energy and effort.

  47. 57

    by M***y

    This is one of those products that gets little use and indeed is hard for me to remember I have it when I need it. I’ve needed to use it only one time in year or so I’ve had it but it probably paid for itself in that one usage. i had stripped a caliper bolt trying to break it free and was simply stuck. I remembered this tool, tried it, and it worked! I had to keep a lot of pressure inward on the socket head to help it grip the stuck bolt while at the same time trying to use my other arm/hand to apply pressure to turn this gripper but it was surely a time and $$ saver when it worked.

  48. 57

    by H***y

    I use this only as a home tool as needed, but for that it works excellently. It hasn’t rusted or been damaged or fallen apart. The bit that keeps it attached to the wrench is very tight, so it doesn’t fall off.

    The only downside is if the bolt is very tight, or rusted in place, etc. the bolt will sort of get wedged between the individual pins while tightening/removingand be a huge pain to dislodge. I assume that’s a problem with any universal key, but I haven’t used others, so can’t say for sure. So if you can afford a good socket key set, I would recommend that, and have this as a backup.

    Overall excellent product so far.

  49. 57

    by K***n

    Often times you have no idea what bolt heads you’re going to encounter and dragging along a full set of sockets is a pain. Now this travels with the cordless drill set for use on the impact wrench. For a general task it’s just the thing. I’m sure it’s size could be an issue in more detailed work like automotive or boat work. But for general needs it’s very handy. I disassembled a sectional sofa last week and used it on four different bolt heads.

    Didn’t have to bring a socket set or size up the bolts and gather sockets that might be in the ballpark. Love it. Extension has a little wobble built in by design I assume. Helps for when you don’t have the head quite centered and the drill moves about. I’m guessing that anything my cordless can drive, won’t break this thing. Wouldn’t want to try breaking a rusted bolt with it though. If a breaker bar is out, go get a socket.

  50. 57

    by R***r

    Produit conforme à la description ! arrivé assez rapidement ! Semble de bonne qualité à première vue… recommande le vendeur sans hésitation

  51. 57

    by A***s

    Very good quality

  52. 57

    by V***E

    envio muito rápido

  53. 57

    by E***

    доставка 54 дня. описанию соответствует. проверил работает, удобная штука . продавцу спасибо

  54. 57

    by P***c

    I have ordered red and receive blue, but it work same 🙂

  55. 57

    by M***n

    paraît de très bonne qualité

  56. 57

    by Customer

    Great Seller!

  57. 57

    by Y***v

    Качество хорошее, все соответствует описанию. Доставка быстрая, все ок.

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Universal Torque Wrench Head Set

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