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Your days of worrying about unsightly glass cracks in your view are over with this all-new Windshield Scratch Repair Liquid that fixes up any minor blemishes, restoring safe driving visibility to your windshield.

Drive with confidence when you have this handy repair kit in your possession, and save valuable time and money that you’d otherwise spend at an auto repair shop.

Fast Repair – In as little as 20-30 minutes, watch small cracks disappear before your very eyes.

The Windshield Scratch Repair Liquid prevents damage in a crack from spreading while restoring your windshield to near-new condition.

For best results, repairs should be made as soon as possible after the damage occurs and before the crack is contaminated by dirt or water.

Our wizardly repair resin is easy to use:

✅ Remove glass debris safely.

✅ Screw open the resin applicator and use the head to open the center of the glass crack.

✅ Place the rubber mouth of the suction cup at the center of the crack.

✅ Place a drop of the resin into the damaged area and paste one curing film over, ensuring no gaps or air bubbles.

✅ Let the application dry under sunlight for about 15-20 minutes.

✅ Check to see if the crack is healed.

Innovative Design – featuring a reinforced injection sealant dispensing head, this advanced resin formula dispenser produces strong pressure.
It has a vacuum function to quickly remove air from the crack, effectively minimizing the appearance of chips and cracks while stopping them from spreading.

Glass Crack Repair Kit Best Sellers Car Accessories Color : Black|White

Wide Use – This Windshield Scratch Repair Liquid repairs all types of laminated windscreen chips and cracks, from bugs, cobwebs, half-moon cracks, star-shaped cracks, and combination-style damage. Note cracks have to be less than 1 in / 25 mm in diameter.

Glass Crack Repair Kit Best Sellers Car Accessories Color : Black|White

Package Includes:
✅ 1 x Repair Liquid
✅ 5 x Curing Strips
✅ 1 x Sleeved Razor Blade

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Car Windshield Repair Kit

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88 Reviews For This Product

  1. 88

    by M***n

    I fixed rock chips in my car windshield. Lots of resin left for future use. Very easy to use.

  2. 88

    by S***n

    Very easy to use and works good!

  3. 88

    by W***m

    It was an awesome DIY fix. My wife couldn’t find the chip on the windshield after application.

  4. 88

    by E***n

    I didn’t think it would work this great! I’ve had this bullseye for about year thinking the only way to fix it was by replacing the windshield altogether. The only issue I had with this kit was the suction cup thing, it kept lifting while the resin chamber was screwed in.

  5. 88

    by J***y

    Exceeded expectations. I was pretty skeptical, but boo-bow it worked amazing. Bullseye crack is pretty much invisible now. I wonder if it can fill the hole in my heart.

  6. 88

    by S***r

    The repair liquid fixed my windshield and I am highly satisfied.

  7. 88

    by F***o

    Worked very well on a rock chip. First application didn’t penetrate completely but after adding a few more drops (per instructions) to applicator, the chip filled completely. The tiny blemish that remained was so minor that I didn’t bother applying any more resin to the surface as suggested in the last step of the instructions.

  8. 88

    by D***n

    I’ve used this product multiple times always with great success. I just fixed a star ding that was almost 1 inch wide. See attached picture of before and after. You can barely see it after using this to fix it! Buy one or two to have on hand when you need it.

  9. 88

    by K***n

    I bought this kit after finding a crack in my windshield. It was very easy to use. Although from the inside you can still see some of the cracks my main focus was that it doesn’t spread.

  10. 88

    by A***r

    This is a great product for the money. Saved me a lot of money by fixing the windshield instead of replacing it.

  11. 88

    by E***n

    Got hit by a bouncy ball sized rock, which left cracks on my car. This kit fixed it well enough that it doesn’t draw my attention. The repair has lasted and looks just great.

  12. 88

    by A***y

    A fix it glass place said they couldn’t fix my cracked windshield but this product worked perfectly!

  13. 88

    by A***s

    This always fixes the little cracks and dings on my windshield. I’ve found that you want to keep an eye on them after 9-12 months. Had to refill one of mine that started cracking after a year. It’s very easy to use and usually you won’t use a full tube in one go.

  14. 88

    by J***n

    My damage was minor and although I feel the repair was good, it did help reduce the damage and kept the window from cracking further. I would buy this again.

  15. 88

    by P***r

    The product was very easy to use. I bought it for a unique application just to see if it would work on repairing some cracks in my stain glass on my front door and it really works!

  16. 88

    by S***r

    Great product! Fixed my star chip easily and it’s hardly noticeable. Someone one here mentioned that it now looks like a small hair is on the windshield. I would say that’s pretty accurate. Unless you look for the chip, you will never see it. I used my finger in the photo to show where it was since it was hard to find it with my camera.

  17. 88

    by A***n

    I successfully repaired a small chip on my windshield with this repair kit. The instructions were easy to follow and the kit includes everything that you need. The end result was really good, as if the chip never happened. I am not sure if I had a big crack whether this product would work as good. I’d recommend it to anyone that is willing to undertake a do-it-yourself small project and can follow simple directions.

  18. 88

    by I***n

    I had an 8″ long crack in my year-old car’s windshield. I followed directions and this product worked pretty good. No one would know there’s a crack there, except for me. It’s more like a hair laying across the windshield now. Hope it holds up for a while. Before and after photos.
    Worked great for me.

  19. 88

    by V***r

    I live in Washington State, the roads are really bad, rocks chip windshields left and right, from motorists who don’t have mud flaps.
    At first, I didn’t think this would work but……….Let me show you with images, and no I am not being paid by anyone to do this. I stand by a product when it works. Took 3 times, make sure that you find the pin hole of the crack.
    My case was “bullseye” effect.

  20. 88

    by R***r

    Kit was easy to use having read the directions first. I could probably have achieved even better results repeating steps 4 and 5 a third time on my bullseye type windshield damage but it didn’t appear necessary during the resin application step at the time. Overall I’m impressed with the results and would purchase this kit again.
    This kit is a really easy repair.
    For a first attempt, I’m really impressed with the ease of use, results, and cost.

  21. 88

    by J***k

    The cracks look much better after the repair. At first I wondered why the apparatus was necessary and it looked complicated. It’s not too bad and I realize why it is necessary now. One crack is hardly visible. This is way cheaper than taking it to a windshield glass repair place. I suspect it should hold up fine, but will update my review if not.

  22. 88

    by D***l

    I bought a cheap car with a few bulls-eye and star chips in the windshield and didn’t feel like shelling out $50 ea for professional repair. Actually, the company’s limit is 3 chips, which my windshield exceeded. I initially bought a chip repair kit from a different supplier, but it was a one-time deal due to the use of an adhesive for the applicator. In fact, I was able to fill 5 chips, making this essentially $2 per chip. More importantly, it fills the chips much better than the competitor and is quicker and easier to use.

  23. 88

    by O***r

    I had never used this, I regret that now, I am 95% happy with my repair, 100% with the product, follow the good instructions, thirty minutes tops and your damage is virtually invisible, I had a rock chip smaller than a dime, by the time I completed my trip it was slightly larger than a quarter star pattern, it is only visible to me because I know where it is, the center could take a bit more resin and I may not find it, the visible area is about the size of a dull pencil head, by the way, no measuring necessary. Five stars is right.

  24. 88

    by N***l

    As a woman I did it! Actually it’s hard to find the star now. Though the star was small and small cracks are still there( you can see from the shadow in the picture)
    Suggestion: 1.clean the place very carefully, leaving no small pieces.
    2. Let out all the air bubbles.
    3. Work on a fine sunny day!

  25. 88

    by R***r

    I cracked the back of my iPhone 8, there was a network white cracks like a spider-web on about 75% of the back. I used the “Crack Repair” method in the instructions and was able to fill everything. The cracks are still visible in a ghost-like way but it sealed every shard in and diminished the white crack look significantly. I am happy with the results. I recommend doing a couple of passes (three for me) and curing it in the sun for a while. I also used the rest of bottle on a cracked iPad screen, was able to smooth it over as well and the touch screen still works as intended. I didn’t scrape off the excess with the razor given, I simply removed with my fingers as a safer alternative.

  26. 88

    by C***s

    Chips on windshields happen. This is a great way to stop a chip from during into a crack. Easy to use and works the way it should. You don’t have to spend a lot of money if you have a little patience. If you get a chip in the windshield and can’t get it repaired immediately, clean and dry off the chip. Use heavy duty clear packing tape to cover the chip and protect it from the elements. What causes cracks in the windshield is often the moisture reacting to the interior temperature and the outside temperature. Water expands when it freezes. That will crack windows in little time.

  27. 88

    by J***n

    Cracked screen in my Lexus, very expensive to replace so thought I would try this.
    It worked!
    Some of the crack could still be seen after the repair, but over a week this has actually dissapeared, so looks like it keeps working for a couple of days after use.
    Very pleased with the results.

  28. 88

    by T***s

    The product worked great! However, it will be important that you set reasonable expectations. If you go into this thinking that it’s going to look like nothing ever happened to your windshield, you may be disappointed. The goal is to prevent the damage from spreading and touch up the cosmetic appearance of the glass. From the outside of my windshield, all you can see are the chips where the rock made impact. From the inside (pictured), you can only notice there was a crack there if you’re looking for it. Best way I can describe this product is like touch up paint. Repair looks like covered up scratches, but clear. Works just fine if you follow the instructions, have patience, and don’t get cocky in the process. Chances are, if you’re like me, you’ve never done this repair before. So, be realistic in your approach, and you’ll come out of the whole 20-30 minute process satisfied with the results.

  29. 88

    by P***a

    This simple kit saved me purchasing a replacement windshield. As usual a stone kicked up from a vehicle in front of me, causing a small star-shaped cavity in my windshield. It did not however result in crack lines extending beyond the center of the impact.

    After about 1/2 hour of effort (most of it just waiting) my windshield is much improved, good enough that I basically don’t see the “dit” unless I stare right at it. The little impact zone has the appearance of a tiny circular smudge on the outside of the glass, the internal spider of broken material is now visually gone.

    The process is easy and works well if you follow the clear instructions.

    I’m saving my insurance for the really big events (no hurry on that one!).

  30. 88

    by R***a

    This was my first attempt at chip repair. Admittedly it took me a bit longer than it should have to get the technique correct, but eventually I got there. If you think that you are going to be able to make a chip disappear completely with a $10 DIY repair kit, you are delusional. It does however make the chip much less noticeable, and it filled the chip completely. I performed the repair 6 months ago on a bulls-eye/star chip , and it is still holding strong with out spreading or cracking any further. I am about to buy another kit for one of our work trucks. I would definitely recommend this kit if you are patient, can follow directions, and observe what is happening and not happening and make the necessary adjustments to get the results for which you are looking. It’s definitely not rocket science, but common sense is a requirement.

  31. 88

    by S***s

    My windshield had been hit by a rock going around 85mph. It left a small chip that ended up turning into a crack that ran for about half an inch either way from the chip. That meant I had a small crack (approximately 1″ long) and a small chip to boot. I read the reviews on this product and I was scared that I would either screw it up or it wouldn’t be perfect. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for better results. The crack is invisible now, unless you REALLY try to find it, and the chip is completely gone. I did as the instructions said, applied the product in the shade and moved my car into the sun. It took me about 5 minutes of real work and about half an hour of not paying attention to make my windshield crack disappear.
    I’d recommend this product to anyone who has small cracks. It yielded unbelievable results.

  32. 88

    by B***k

    -Inexpensive! Great product to keep in your garage for quick repairs.
    -Simple method.
    -All tools included, along with detailed instructions that include photos.
    -Plenty of resin for performing 5+ repairs, potentially more than ten.
    -Resin cures only when exposed to UV light (e.g. sunlight), so is easy to work with and clean up.
    -The kit is able to inject resin deep into most cracks, displacing air bubbles and restoring the look of the glass.

  33. 88

    by M***n

    Amazing product! I don’t think I’m ever going to Safelite Autoglass again for chip repair!
    The product does need about 10minutes in FULL SUN to cure (i.e., harden) the product and form the permanent bond to the glass.

    I fixed 2 star chips, and further patched another 3 “pock marks” in the windshield

    * Warm the glass by turning on you defogger on heat
    * use the razor, or tip of a small file to pick out the compacted glass at the center of the impact
    * Product needs time to diffuse into the crack under pressure
    * make sure there are no air bubbles when you apply the curing strip
    * Give a full 10min (or more) before you try to scrape the product off
    * when scraping, use a “squeegee” motion with the razor at 90-degrees to the windshield. It should take multiple passes to scrape the product down to a finished level (multiple, like several dozen passes scraping)


  34. 88

    by V***r

    The instructions are daunting at a glance but you can break it down to these steps:
    Clean you window of foreign debris
    Force the resin into the crack/chip with the applicator (IN THE SHADE) (even if you make a mess by overfilling, it’s OK)
    Let the resin cure with the cure strip
    Peel off curing sheet and scrape the glass with the blade perpendicular to the glass

  35. 88

    by S***a

    I used this kit recently to repair a crack in my windshield about 1/2 inch long. The instructions are pretty simple to follow.

    One trick they tell you in the instructions is to heat the windshield from the inside with a hair dryer in order to get the resin to flow into the crack better. That helped a lot. Once you can see the crack is totally filled in, you remove the tool, put one drop on the hole, place a clear plastic piece over it and put your car in the sun for 15 minutes (or 1 hour if it’s overcast) and the UV light will cure the resin. Finally remove the plastic and scrape away the excess from your windshield using the enclosed razor blade.

    My crack was tiny and I almost can’t even see it any longer. This kit really does the job and can be used multiple times until you run out of the resin solution.

  36. 88

    by M***e

    all good from packaging point, dont know about the resin itself.. arrived yesterday on 02.09.2020, very long shipping time..

  37. 88

    by R***v

    долго едет.

  38. 88

    by A***y

    Самое трудное впиххать в трещину из 20 см трещины в 1 см. Затекло, нужно заказывать со шприцом думаю будет эыективней

  39. 88

    by V***v

    Долго, но дошло

  40. 88

    by V***v

    Посылка шла долго 87 дней до южного Урала. Положили в почтовый ящик.

  41. 88

    by V***v


  42. 88

    by D***.

    Почты России как всегда…. пришла посылка в июле( оказывается) а забрал только сегодня 7.09. После проверки трека еле нашли … думали что обратно уехала…

  43. 88

    by D***v

    не пришло

  44. 88

    by O***a

    Пришло, но шло очень долго. В итоге трещина на стекле разошлась

  45. 88

    by B***A

    100% recommend. Thanks

  46. 88

    by D***o

    It went sooo long (about 3 months), the track number in Russia was not tracked. I’ll try, I’ll cancel.

  47. 88

    by Customer

    Not tried

  48. 88

    by K***y

    Not yet tried it on time

  49. 88

    by D***v

    All Hood

  50. 88

    by H***a

    With the task it copes, not far from excellent. Part of the crack in the glass really became very bad visible, and the part almost did not change. Krch, for this money you can try, but do not wait for a miracle.

  51. 88

    by A***n

    The goods received as in the picture tiny very glue as it will show in action I do not know yet have not tried for 1,5 months partially per tracked

  52. 88

    by R***r

    Waited three months, and nothing came. With this coronavirus, orders stopped coming.

  53. 88

    by O***o

    Клеит классно, но у меня трещина уже 3 месяца, туда попала пыль, то полностью не исчезла. Но все ровто намного меньша стала

  54. 88

    by Y***w

    дошло за 85 дней… скол на стекле, соответственно, уже не свежий, но попробовать надо)

  55. 88

    by P***s


  56. 88

    by I***v

    быстро, качественно хороший клей. позволяет экономить что бы заделать трещину на стекле

  57. 88

    by D***z

    Thank you

  58. 88

    by I***y

    доставка 2.5 месяца , в целом взял прозапас – прошлая, такая же штука, помогла и остановила трещину. советую

  59. 88

    by K***m

    Пока не пробовал)

  60. 88

    by B***k

    Delivery of 3 months … 🙁

  61. 88

    by D***n

    Если трещина свежая и не успела забиться пылью, клеем хорошо, почти не видно. Заказ не отслеживался, кинули в ящик.

  62. 88

    by A***I

    wszystko ok

  63. 88

    by V***m


  64. 88

    by S***v

    Пришло целое. Теплее станет буду пробовать.

  65. 88

    by Z***a

    Лечит трещины).

  66. 88

    by V***n

    Товар не пришёл. Но деньги вернули.

  67. 88

    by Customer

    Fast delivery did not try

  68. 88

    by M***d


  69. 88

    by Customer

    Haven’t received the item (

  70. 88

    by A***V

    Смола хорошая, сохнет около 30 минут, не заметна, чтобы проникла глубже в трещину нужно потренироваться, покупкой доволен

  71. 88

    by J***s

    Товар пришёл за 2 месяца. Брал, чтобы убрать круглый скол. Получилось не совсем то, что хотел. Отверстие заполнил ровно, но осталось заметно. В следующий раз попробую на трещине.

  72. 88

    by Customer

    шло до МСК 1 месяц

  73. 88

    by A***v

    Excellent! Thanks!

  74. 88

    by D***k


  75. 88

    by Customer

    Попробовал. Стало не так видно, но все равно видно. чисто чтобы белой полосы не было, становится просто прозрачной и не так слепит.

  76. 88

    by A***n

    Не пришол… Деньги вернули…

  77. 88

    by V***o

    заказывал 10 шт, продавец положил 11. спасибо. но одна потекла из-за транспортировки.

  78. 88

    by Customer

    Didn’t make the crack go but it’s maybe make it stop nice to try but I don’t think I will buy it again

  79. 88

    by K***i

    everything as expected

  80. 88

    by M***n

    Excellent store!

  81. 88

    by O***a

    Всё хорошо.

  82. 88

    by M***v

    Долгая доставка, упаковано хорошо, в работе ещё не пробовал

  83. 88

    by A***o

    Looks fine, i will check it soon.

  84. 88

    by S***n

    все ок

  85. 88

    by M***m

    Так и не получил. С чем связано не знаю.

  86. 88

    by M***

    The description corresponds to the appearance. I haven’t tried it yet. Ordered 24.07 in a mailbox in Moscow thrown 15.10 went for almost three months

  87. 88

    by E***t

    The parcel went very long, but it reached that it can not but please, the goods have not yet been used,

  88. 88

    by 1***1

    Everything, clearly, is the result of davolen!

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